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Published: 18 July 2015 in Industry News

The UK Needs More Nurseries to Combat the Childcare Crisis

The UK is a nation of workers. Less than 2.2 million parents stay at home as the sole carer of their child whilst the other parent is working. According to research published by the BBC, around 18% of families where both parents work feel they’re letting their children down by not spending enough time with them.

Work or Play?
It’s a tough question for modern parents – go to work and send your children to a childcare facility, or stay at home and play but miss out on the income of working?
A 2008 report funded by the Economic and Social Research Council found in favour of parents who both go out to work. The study found the children of parents who both went out to work tended to have less behavioural issues and social problems, e.g. being clingy, hyperactive, attention-seeking behaviour or trouble interacting with new people. The study went on to say that mothers who worked during the first year of their child’s life did not sow the seeds for any future problems in terms of emotional or behavioural issue.

Whatever the statistics, it recently became clear that UK nurseries are struggling to provide enough places to meet the demand placed on them by the number of families where both parents work full time.

But new legislation that comes into play this year has been designed to remedy the problems faced by UK nurseries.

Current Ratios

Newborn to 1-year-olds – 1 adult: 3 children

2-year-olds                  – 1 adult:4 children

3-year-olds and above – 1 adult: 8 children or 1 teacher: 13 children

New Ratios

Newborn to 1-year-olds – 1 adult: 4 children

2-year-olds                  – 1 adult: 6 children

3-year-olds and above  – 1 adult: 8 children or 1 teacher: 13 children

The new ratios have been designed to reduce childcare costs and raise standards by raising the bar on adult qualifications required by child-carers and nursery workers. It’s estimated the average family spends around 27% of their income on childcare where both parents work. Many mothers say a family with more than two children wouldn’t find working a financially viable option due to the high cost of childcare.

Britain is one of the most costly nations in the world in terms of childcare. France and Sweden both share the same increased ratios and have enjoyed success in reducing childcare costs overall. It’s hoped following their examples will lead to better qualified staff, cheaper childcare and more nurseries being able to open in the UK.

Modular Nurseries

We build portable buildings and modular nursery buildings all over the UK, and it’s clear childcare is an issue that needs to be tackled head-on by the government. Our nursery buildings are designed to be exceptionally safe to provide the optimal learning environment for adult supervisors and children. The issue of childcare and nursery standards is particularly close to our heart as a family-run business, so we’ll keep you posted on any legislative developments that affect our business and the UK’s nurseries. We can provide buildings quickly and within budget. Read our page on schools and nurseries to see how you could benefit. 

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