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Published: 7 February 2020 in Industry News

The Barriers to Offsite Construction Vs The Benefits

What Are The Barriers To Offsite Construction?

According to a recent Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) survey, the biggest barriers to offsite construction were identified as a lack of suitably skilled staff, a high level of ongoing investment, and installation onsite.

Another widely recognised barrier is perception. The baby-boomer generation, now in the majority of those responsible for commissioning new buildings, have had bad experiences of temporary classroom accommodation that has long outlived its design life from when they were at school.

With regards to all of these barriers, it needs to be stressed that offsite construction can be designed and manufactured to the highest specification. If a building can be constructed in a cold wet muddy field, it can be manufactured better in a clean, dry, safe factory setting.

Despite these barriers, the survey also found that 81% of businesses agreed that offsite manufacturing will offer them new commercial opportunities in the future. And significantly, 42% of larger businesses said that they would be using offsite construction within five years, in part due to requirements from their buyers.

What Are The Benefits Of Offsite Construction?

The survey also showed that people found offsite construction beneficial due to the fact that it increased productivity, reduced carbon footprint and reduced operational costs.

Other benefits included:

  • Enhanced employee safety
  • Improved quality of work
  • Less project downtime
  • Decreased construction time
  • A more consistent product

There are many more benefits of offsite construction, enjoyed throughout a variety of sectors. For example: child friendly safety features for classrooms; approved state-of-the-art fittings for modular healthcare buildings; or specialist facilities such as shower wet rooms, toilets and changing areas for sports and leisure buildings. All of our buildings are designed and made bespoke to your requirements so that the benefits of your new building are endless.

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