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Standardisation Vs Customisation: Modular Construction for Schools

Standardisation Vs Customisation: Modular Construction for Schools

Often, standardisation of a product or service would not be regarded as a great selling point – especially here at Springfield where we strive to provide bespoke, unique modular buildings shaped to your needs. However, with the current need to build schools efficiently and to a high-standard, some companies are considering a standardised manufacturing approach for school construction. 


A New Approach to Manufacturing?
In recent industry news, the example of car manufacturers in the 1970s collaborating to create a highly efficient, standardised approach to aggregate demand and reduce cost of car production systems sparked intrigue. The relevance of this is that an opportunity has been identified to adopt a similar approach to improve the efficiency of school construction. 

The idea to standardise production stems from the fact that school estates are often comprised of a variety of different building types produced with inefficient external layouts over time to meet changes in demand. 

The aim would be to simplify the design process early on, so teaching professionals would be able to look at a digital plan of their school and assess if a compliant modular school building can fit in a specific area of their grounds. Additionally, a series of standardised construction components would be created so that new buildings for schools meet requirements of the Department for Education and ‘off the shelf’ components will be more readily available to access, in order to speed up assembly.


Does Standardisation Mean Loss of Customisation? 
Standardisation and volume are always key for efficient manufacturing, but customisation cannot be forgotten. We have a plethora of external building finishes, such as brick slip, steel clad, PVC timber effect cladding and natural wood to ensure that your new building will blend aesthetically into its surroundings. We also provide multiple purchase options for new and used buildings available for sale or hire. Clients can either choose from our existing stock of buildings, or take advantage of our truly client-focussed ‘design your own building’ service.


The Springfield Touch
It is inspiring to see the developments occurring in the modular construction industry in connection with the education sector as they work so well together, and efficiency is always a priority in construction. 

At Springfield, our expert team is the perfect working example of how the off-site construction methods we use are second to none if you are looking for efficiency and certainty that the right building with all requirements met is readily available for you. All modular buildings are created in our ISO-approved workshop where the team can ensure that our bespoke, tailor-made buildings are delivered as just that. 

If you would like to find out more about the buildings we have supplied in the education sector or any other sectors in which we work or you would like to get in contact regarding a building, call our fantastic team on 01744 851958.

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