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Published: 6 December 2019 in Industry News

Pushing The Boundaries Of Offsite Construction For Ambulatory Care

Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC) services are critical in keeping the UK population healthy. The NHS responds to more than 110 million urgent calls or visits every year, so it is essential that the system works effectively. Recently, off-site construction has taken steps towards relieving some pressure that our invaluable health system faces.


Why Is Our Health Care System Facing Difficulties?

The NHS, and in particular emergency departments, face many longstanding challenges. Just some of these challenges include:

  • Recruiting and retaining a sufficient amount of staff to cope with rising demand.
  • Struggling to meet the waiting time performance target, due to facing unprecedented levels of demand.
  • Lack of beds to admit people to.
  • Poor out-of-hours GP services.
  • A lack of co-ordination across the health system.

There is no doubt that clinicians are working exceptionally hard to ensure that high levels of care are given to patients. But due to the considerable amount of pressure the NHS is under, solutions need to be found to ensure that safety and quality standards can be sustained.


What Is An Ambulatory Care Centre?

An ambulatory care centre provides care for those with urgent conditions on a same day basis, without the patient being admitted to hospital. As this type of centre aims to treat patients without admission to hospital, patients can receive the care they need as rapidly as possible before returning home. This sometimes alleviates the need for patients to take a bed overnight in hospital.


How Has Off-site Construction Provided Support?

In current industry news, it has been reported that a new ambulatory care facility was delivered in Northumbria with a turnaround time of less than a year. This is an unprecedented timeframe for the scale and complexity of the project.

The purpose-designed ambulatory care facility has been built with the aim of decompressing a very busy emergency department, to ensure patients can be seen quickly by the most appropriate healthcare professional.

This incredible three-storey care facility was constructed offsite and delivered so that it would precisely match the design of the original facilities, internally and externally. The importance of this new modular build is significant, as helping to decongest an emergency department in a much smaller time frame than would be possible with a traditional build is noteworthy for the modular construction industry – and is an incredible example of the brilliance of the use of off-site construction methods.


The Brilliance of Off-site Construction

Using off-site construction methods as opposed to choosing a traditional build is such a great way to future-proof this wing, by helping to face any future expansion issues.

The building had to be fully compliant with hospital requirements and standards and have no difference in feel, appearance and quality to the existing facilities. To suit these requirements and allow department expansion, the facilities are constructed around a central corridor to which a further wing can be added at a later date if required, and this has all been done seamlessly and quickly.

Our team at Springfield have extensive experience in such projects and can offer a complete, turnkey service in producing GP surgeries, clinics pharmacies and waiting rooms; to name a few options.

If you would like to find out more about the truly bespoke buildings that we offer healthcare trusts and businesses, give out team a call on 01744 851958 or contact us via this form.

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