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Published: 20 February 2020 in Industry News

Modular University Buildings: Elite Design and Construction

When it comes to further education, the right learning, living and campus environment is critical to student enjoyment and academic success. This can be applied to all levels of education, as each stage is important to excel and reach the next. In this blog post we will look at how the increasing quality and sustainability of a modular build has helped to accommodate aspects of university life.


How Have Modular Building Benefitted Universities?

Recently, there have been multiple cases where Russell group universities, which are research-intensive world-class UK universities, have benefited from offsite modular builds. One example includes the new Sir William Henry Bragg building at the University of Leeds reaching its tallest point with the addition of a new plant room.

Colleagues watched as the building’s new plant room, which was designed to make the building highly energy efficient, was lifted onto the roof, forming the highest point of the new University of Leeds building. Off-site construction methods were chosen by the university to save time and cost.

The addition of this collaborative hub for computing and physical sciences will include laboratory and specialised teaching spaces, which will enable cutting-edge research to take place. The new building is due to open to students in 2021.

Another industry example includes the development of the 1,480-bed student accommodation scheme to form a key part of the University of York’s ‘Campus Masterplan’ to develop a campus of the future.

The decision to use modular construction methods was influenced by the assurance of enhanced quality and delivery confidence. Elements of the build include prefabricated sandwich panels, integrating external brick finish, insulation, windows, first fix services and finished internal walls.

The new facilities, opening for the 2022 academic year, are sustainable and will help transform the student experience at the university by providing an exceptional level of quality accommodation that will reduce reliance on city centre accommodation and housing.


Springfield’s Work In the Education Sector

We are highly experienced in working in the education sector. Our recent design, construction and installation of a new modular nursery building for Butterflies Day Nursery shows an example of a successful, bespoke learning environment project. Many more can be found in the case studies section of our website.

As the example above touches on, we have provided fantastic modular solutions for many schools and there is no reason why these applications cannot be extended to higher education institutions as the benefits correlate as money and time savings, reduced environmental impact and a modern approach to construction.  

When it comes to construction, modular construction is quickly becoming the new industry standard. We relish the opportunity to offer a truly bespoke service to educational institutions of all levels. If you would like to find out more, contact a member of our expert team using our contact form or call us on 01744 851958.

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