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Published: 13 September 2019 in Industry News

How Modular Buildings Can Create Community Spaces

Community spaces or ‘hubs’ are multi-purpose and have an important social function. They reflect local needs by bringing people together and offering a range of activities, programs and services. Considering this, it is well-known that council and community funds are suffering under budget cuts across the UK, which in turn has a knock-on effect on entities such as community buildings. This is a problem that is rapidly being solved by modular building construction.

Why are Community Hubs Important?

  • They bring people together.
  • A multitude of learning, social and physical activities are offered for all ages.
  • They provide an outlet for creativity.
  • They are suitable for every member of the community.
  • They promote social inclusion.

Problems Encountered In The Process Of Building A Community Hub

  • Cost
  • Time-constraint
  • Space
  • Technology
  • Bespoke, purpose-built space and facilities suited to case-by-case need


Advantages of Building Modular Community Hubs

When considering the reasons why community spaces or hubs are so important, and the problems faced in their building process, there is a clear parallel between what a modular building can offer and what is needed for a thriving hub:

  • Community hubs provide stylish, spacious solutions to councils and community groups on a limited budget in order to facilitate various activity types or functions.
  • Modular building can be constructed as a permanent solution or a more temporary hub, dependent on the users’ need.
  • Modular construction can provide time and cost savings of up to 50% compared with traditional build methods, arriving with electric, plumbing and heating already integrated.
  • Off-site construction methods offer unique benefits: While the building is being manufactured off-site, groundwork on site can established concurrently, speeding up the build programme. It not only helps reduce the build time and cost, but also leads to an improvement in safety, minimises wastage and negates unforeseen delays – such as the weather.
  • Less dependence on labour availability: With all the uncertainty of Brexit and an ever-increasing shortage of labour availability, modular has the potential to reduce dependence on a manual skill-base by moving to a leaner off-site, company-based manufacturing process – such as the smooth process provided by Springfield.

The Applications of Off-site Construction for Community Centres

Permanent Modular Build: Recently the community centric charity, Windsor Mencap, were able to open a community hub in Windsor. This was to be used to host club nights for people with learning disabilities and other community activities such as yoga classes. A modular building was able to provide the perfect space and solution to their limited budget and timeframe.

Temporary Modular Build: Financed by the Construction Skills Fund, 26 on-site community training facilities to support people wanting to join the construction industry are being provided across the UK. This initiative will target apprentices, who are all local people, including ex-offenders, the long-term unemployed and ex-military personnel with the aim of providing invaluable hands on experience of groundworks like drainage and concreting. The spaces will be used as offices, classrooms and canteens for 10 years.

These are fantastic testaments to how far the industry has come and will continue to advance.

What Springfield Does

Springfield provides a bespoke service, creating purpose-built spaces to suit your needs. Our methods of construction, transportation and installation can ensure completing projects in a timely manner and on-budget is standard practise. For councils, charities, or communities that need bespoke community hubs our modular buildings provide a dependable, economical solution, without compromising on aesthetic appeal. If you would like to find out more about our modular buildings, or would like to contact our team, visit our website or call us 01744 851958.

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