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Published: 26 April 2019 in Industry News

How Can Off-Site Construction Meet The Demands Of Primary Schools?

Finding a good primary school place has become increasingly difficult, with a wide variety of pressures affecting a school’s ability to offer places to all. One of the main concerns primary schools face is being able to provide enough physical space to accommodate the rising number of the schooling population. And the increasing financial restraints that the education sector as a whole is experiencing makes the supply of these extra places even more difficult.

In this blog therefore, we will look at the cost-effective alternative of off-site construction and whether it could be a viable option for primary schools to expand. We will also take a look at the group that has been set up to explore the benefits of these off-site technique. Having worked closely with many schools and local councils in the past decades in constructing buildings for schools, and hope that this is the first step to the wider integration of off-site construction for the education sector.

A new exploration into the viability of off-site techniques

Within the construction industry there has been a great scepticism about the applications of buildings manufactured through off-site techniques. Most recently however, a new group has been set up to explore these methods as to whether they are a suitable option for the construction of primary schools. Known as the seismic consortium, the group has been launched to transform the design and building of primary schools. Headed by a construction management company and funded by Innovate UK, the consortium hopes to carry out research to find an assortment of standardised off-site construction solutions.

These solutions aim to increase both productivity and efficiency in the construction of primary school buildings. It is hoped that these solutions will offer an answer in meeting the demand for 100 new and replaced primary schools which are needed every year throughout the UK. Currently, this target is not being met through the techniques presently employed in the sector. With the addition of a new digital construction tool, the consortium hopes that the final range of solutions their research presents should offer a faster designing speed for these buildings and a reduction in overall costs and delivery times. All through the wider application of off-site construction.

How portable buildings are fantastic options for primary schools

Clearly there are hopes that the introduction of off-site techniques as a standardised method to construct primary schools is seen to have some advantageous applications – otherwise the creation of this consortium would be null and void. With decades of experience in the off-site construction industry, Springfield has forged strong relationships with local councils and schools in providing them with bespoke portable buildings to aid in school expansion. We have done so very successfully over the years because of the fantastic benefits that portable buildings bring to a school.

Especially with primary schools, reducing the level of disruption that any kind of construction can bring is crucial. As all portable buildings are manufactured in our ISO-approved workshop, we can drastically reduce this disruption and risk by delivering and installing the building during school holidays. Manufacturing the building off-site also means that we can create a completely bespoke product, meeting every requirement our clients may have. For primary schools, this could be adding specialist features such as low-level toilets and sinks, door finger protectors and even anti-scald taps to name but a few. Our off-site construction methods therefore provide a cost-effective solution, which also offers a bespoke and bright learning environment for young pupils.

The entire process of selecting and ordering a building can also be a daunting process, especially for schools who have no such experience in this and want to discuss their options with manufactures directly. For example the need to attain planning permission. Here at Springfield we offer a complete turnkey service. From your initial call with us you will be assigned the same project manager throughout the entire process, who will guide your through the initial design process all the way through to the groundworks to ensure everything is taken care of.

If you would like to find out more about the great applications portable buildings can provide the education sector, visit our website or call our fantastic team on 01744 851958.

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