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Published: 21 September 2018 in Industry News

Can Modular Buildings Help To Ease The Pressure On Overcrowded Schools?

With the housing market soaring and the cost of living on the rise, there is no wonder that huge numbers of people are swapping Oyster cards for gravy and chips by moving up North. A new wave of emigrating southerners brings growth to Northern regions for many aspects of British society. This is however a reason for the increase of pressure on schools. Education is an essential part of any community and this new-found pressure does not only come in the form of an increase in the competition for places, but the physical space to accommodate new students as well.

The practical applications provided by modular buildings are a perfect match for this struggle. Here we will look at a more specific example of how this sector of the construction industry can help alleviate the struggle schools are facing up and down the country, and how modular methods trump its traditional equivalent.

Pressure in Manchester

Voted as the best city to live in by The Economist’s 2018 Global Liveability Index, the city of Manchester has become Britain’s primary Northern powerhouse. Its popularity has led to extensive growth throughout the region as those who hail from southern roots up sticks and take the M6 North bound. However, pressure on schools has risen, with the need for expansions across the region becoming a key focus point for local authorities. What is particularly exciting for us is that Manchester City Council has taken to the modular market in an attempt to relieve the stress on the provision of school places.

Building for basic needs

Partial funding for this long-term project resides from a central government commitment in funding the basic needs of schools across the country. The basic need allocations are paid to local authorities to help provide new places for students by expanding existing schools. This funding has been distributed by the Manchester City Council to help progress the development of ten schools, and they hope to do so in record time- through the use of off-site construction techniques. The facilitator of this project, ISG, has already delivered two of these projects, which include a £2m dining room extension for one school, with the delivery of the remaining eight schools intended to be completed by September 2019. Out of the remaining expansions to be delivered, six are set to be built using modular prefabricated approaches. This is fantastic news within the industry, in which the direct benefits of our modular techniques can help alleviate real world issues.

The Springfield touch

As a business, Springfield has done a vast amount of work in the educational sector. We believe, just like the case taken on by the Manchester council, that the rapid benefits of the portable building industry can be used to benefit of schools under pressure. The flexibility that our techniques provide are perfectly suited to a school working to a tight deadline or limited budget. All of our buildings are built off-site and can be delivered and assembled during the school holidays for example. Our buildings provide a bright and airy learning environment which can be supplied with unrivalled turnaround times which means less disruption for students.

Your needs are our priority. Depending on your requirements, you can buy, hire or lease your modular classroom which can be delivered in a matter of weeks if that’s what you need. We supply the complete package, from design to planning to the finishing touches. Education is an essential part of society, and we are ecstatic that our industry is coming to its aid.

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