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Published: 22 March 2019 in Industry News

The Wide-Reaching Applications Of Modular Buildings

Offsite construction methods are the future of the construction sector in the UK. With its increasing popularity across the country, comes a renewed confidence that this manufacturing method is a viable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional construction techniques. This confidence has resulted in a gradual increase in the use of offsite methods in the construction of the country’s infrastructure.

The wide-ranging applications of these methods are emulated by the vast range of sectors within which they are used. Here at Springfield for example we specialise in offering bespoke modular buildings to the education, commercial, healthcare and leisure sectors. But how wide-reaching are the applications of modular buildings? In this blog we will explore how the UK hopes to use these techniques to help communities in need, and how the buildings we produce can help to aid similar projects closer to home.

Modular methods bridging local communities

The inspiration for this blog post in particular is drawn from the news that the UK’s Export Finance department is set to provide up to £49m worth of support to help offsite providers across the country in building 250 modular bridges in Sri Lanka. The focus of the project is to provide infrastructural support for rural Sri Lankan communities to aid in boosting the country’s development.

The investment is not the first of the kind, providing similar funding in 2011 and 2014. All ventures however aim to improve the day to day lives of families and businesses who reside in rural Sri Lanka, by bringing communities closer together in reducing the distances people will have to travel. This is particularly important for those accessing essential services such as schools or hospitals.

The news of this investment is a practical example of how offsite methods, in this case modular construction, can be applied to aid the growth of less developed countries. Although Springfield do not make bridges, this piece of industry news is important in portraying the rapid growth of the offsite industry and teaches lessons which can also be applied throughout the UK.

Types of modular construction – how we can use modular buildings in the UK

As we’ve already touched on, although the news story which inspired this blog discusses the construction of modular bridges, Springfield’s modular endeavours remain deeply routed in practical buildings. With the use of our offsite construction methods, our clients are offered a bespoke service in which their building can be tailor-made for their specific requirements.

Our modular buildings therefore have a vast range of practical applications, but there are a range of sectors in which we specialise:

  • Commercial – Focusing primarily, although not exclusively, on offices, our modular buildings offer a cost-effective expansion solution for businesses. Manufactured in our ISO-approved warehouse, we strive to meet the exact requirements our clients are looking for with an unrivalled quality of materials.  
  • Education – We relish the ability to work with local schools, but we also work with businesses who are in need of education-focused premises as well. Our bespoke classrooms can be fitted with child-friendly components and our offsite methods ensure that we can deliver your building at a much quicker deadline than opting for traditional methods. 
  • Healthcare – The customisation available in the construction of a modular building makes them the perfect option for local healthcare services. Our bespoke service is focused in meeting the exact needs of our clients, and our modular buildings are a cheaper spacing solution for an under reassure healthcare service; from clinics to waiting rooms.
  • Leisure – Whether it’s a bespoke gym or a larger sporting pavilion, a modular building is a fantastic solution for a leisure or sporting endeavour. Our modular buildings can be fully furnished and can even be fitted with specialist facilities such as changing areas or shower wet rooms.

We are incredibly passionate about the bespoke service that we offer and relish the opportunity to sit down with a potential client to discuss their options. If you would like to find out more about the sectors in which we work or would like to get in contact regarding a building, visit our contact us page or call 01744 851958.

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