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Published: 4 July 2015 in Help & Advice

What is Modular Building Construction?

Modular building is one of those terms that you hear bandied around quite often, but what does it mean exactly?

Essentially, modular building construction refers to the process of creating a structure away from the site where it will be located, but with similar materials, and designed to the same high standards as traditionally built facilities. Once sealed together, the modules become a single, integrated unit with wall, floor and roof assembly.

Buildings are made in “modules” that combine to give all the benefits of conventional construction, so there is absolutely no compromise on quality.

So it’s not surprising that this type of construction is gaining in popularity. Late last year, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg conducted the groundbreaking ceremony for the highest modular building on the planet – a residential tower of more than 30 floors in the city’s Atlantic Yards, Brooklyn. The sheer scale of this ambitious project just goes to show that modular construction knows no limits!

What are the Benefits of Modular Buildings?

Whether you need a temporary office or anything else, this kind of construction offers many benefits. Here are some of them:

• These structures can be made in a fraction of the time of conventional ones.
• Because each module must withstand transportation and so, modular buildings also generally have greater strength than traditional constructions.
• Modular buildings are built with outstanding construction quality management.
• Because construction is off-site, the majority of building activity is eliminated from the location where the building will be. That means less disruption and better overall safety. For example, there won’t be an increase in traffic to your premises, which could be important for schools and hospitals as well as other kinds of organisations.
• The controlled environment of these kinds of construction also makes modular building a very environmentally friendly option.

And, of course, modular structures are also incredibly cost-effective – while also allowing you as a client to have a greater say in the design of the project from the outset. There’s also huge flexibility in that these buildings can be packed up and moved on once you’re finished with them.

Choose Springfield Mobile for Modular Buildings Hire

At Springfield Mobile, we’re a leading UK company for modular building hire.

We offer top-quality buildings guaranteed to perform at the highest level. Our design team can discuss your requirements before recommending the solution that best fits your needs. And our bespoke design service guarantees you have the temporary office or other structure your organisation needs – for a price that you’ll be very happy with.

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