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What building finishes can you choose for your Springfield modular building?

What building finishes can you choose for your Springfield modular building?

Modular buildings from Springfield are a far cry from the grey and lifeless portable cabins from time gone by. We believe that investing in a modular building should give you options, not limits, and that’s exactly why we offer such a range of building finishes.

A modular building might be chosen as a cheaper and faster alternative to a traditional build, removing the need to dig costly deep foundations, and removing the added time that bricks and mortar creates. However, this shouldn’t mean that you should be restricted, in fact, quite the contrary! Here at Springfield we understand how important it is for your new building to blend aesthetically in its surroundings.

What type of windows can I choose for my modular building?

Nothing is more important than creating a light and bright space to enjoy, whether that’s a classroom, office space or waiting room. Windows are a huge part of letting light flood your rooms, and getting the finish right can make a huge difference to privacy, view and of course, style.

So, what can we offer? Choose from round, square or custom windows, that are double glazed, with lockable handles, that are maybe tinted, vented, laminated or toughened! Your options can be discussed with you to determine what exactly will suit you and the needs of the building, and of course specified to your particular taste and style.

What are the internal finishes I can choose for my modular building?

We’re proud of our design team and the manufacturing process that allows us to tailor-make each building. This means that when it comes to choosing the internal finish for your modular building, the possibilities are almost limitless. The options will vary depending on what you need. A classroom will differ from a reception room, and an office will have difference needs to a sports facility. To discuss the needs of your build, simply get in touch. We’d love to talk you through the many options available to you, and hopefully inspire you with the amount of choice.

What can I expect from the external cladding of my modular building?

There is no reason why a modular building can’t be aesthetically pleasing, and no reason why it can’t seamlessly blend into your existing building – if that’s of course something you’d like to achieve.

Whatever you need, we will have the options to allow your building to be discrete, stand out from the crowd, match corporate colours, improve energy efficiency, satisfy planning and even set an example by creating an environmentally friendly building to be proud of. The choice is massive, and we like to think that we can satisfy every reasonable demand.

Why choose a modular building from Springfield?

We strive to offer what other companies have said is impossible. The best way to get an idea of what we can offer if to download one of our brochures or get in touch with a member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why choose Springfield


We have over 40 years’ experience in the portable building industry and know the best way to produce high-quality affordable buildings that meet everyone’s differing needs.

Made in the UK

We are proud of our buildings which are designed, sourced and built in the UK by our on-site dedicated teams.


Our on-site design and production allow us to create your building to your exact specifications - both inside and outside.


Our buildings are manufactured to last, and our building process means that there is less waste than with traditional building methods

Value for money

Our high-quality materials and production methods mean we can offer you great quality modular builds at an exceptional value.

Buy or hire

We give you the option to either buy or hire your building, depending on your needs. We also offer open-ended contracts so you can have more flexibility. 

Contact Us

Contact our friendly team for more information on our full range of buildings and how to start the process of hiring or buying a modular building for your business. Our expert team is always available to give advice, guidance or support

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