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Published: 23 August 2019 in Building Types

Why You Should Choose A Used Portable Building For Your Business

Expanding your premises is an expensive feat for businesses of all sizes. Whether you were hoping to move to another location, or to expand your current building, many businesses are put off by the time and effort it takes to plan and install a new extension or building – not to mention the overhead.

Off-site construction however offers a fantastic alternative to all the fuss and hassle that your traditional building methods bring. One such option is the purchase or hire of a used building. In this blog we will explore the superb benefits that used buildings can offer, and why they could be your route to a truly bespoke building.

The benefits of taking a used building

Usually when we discuss the phrase ‘used building’, many people associate the term with a worn and wasted building. And with that association comes the scepticism that purchasing one is the last straw, as the supplier is just looking to make a quick buck to get the building off their hands.

At Springfield however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our used buildings are part of an exclusively bespoke range, and have usually come back to us because the hiring contract the building had been a part of has come to an end. We take the buildings back under our wing and advertise them to our clients.

What we can dispel here is that these buildings are never just sent back out, with no thought to their condition. We pride ourselves on the truly bespoke service we offer our clients, so if you come to us with your list of requirements, we will retrofit the existing building so it meets your needs. We are not here compromise; we are here to create your building your way.

The primary benefit of choosing a used building is the speed in which we can get it to you. Depending on how long it takes to attain the relevant paperwork and permissions, as well as any redesign, we can deliver your building to your site in a matter of days. Deciding to reuse a building is also a great way to recycle, so this method is fantastic for the environment – we are not exhausting resources to produce a new one, just reusing a superb building we have already produced. And then there is cost. With the increase in the speed in which we can get the building to you, comes the reduction in both overall cost, and the overall disruption on your site, as we will only need to be present for a few days to assemble it.

The Springfield Fleet

The used buildings here at Springfield are part of our fleet: a variety of building types that have been produced by our expert team in our ISO-approved workshop. Our workshop allows the team to focus on the smallest of details of each and every building, whilst using the highest quality of materials. Some of these buildings are hired out to our clients, and when this hiring period comes to an end, some of the buildings are returned to us. We then prep them for any redesign that may be required, and advertise them on our site.

Take a look at our current crop of used buildings here.

If you would like to find out more about the types of buildings we offer, or you would like to contact a member of our expert team directly, visit our website or call us on 01744 851958.

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