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Published: 23 December 2021 in Building Types

Why Choose Portable Medical Buildings

Portable buildings are quick to install with temporary foundations and can be used as a temporary solution but for as long as required. Our portable buildings come fitted with heating, lighting, and electric sockets throughout and can be customised for medical equipment if necessary.

Medical Building Options

Isolation Pods

Portable buildings make ideal areas to isolate staff and patients who are at risk or in contact with dangerous viruses.

Visitor Air Gap

Air gaps provide space between staff and visitors which may bring viruses with them, this can also provide space to quarantine items and create a one-way system for visitors. 


Hospitals and surgeries regularly use portable buildings to add wards to their site without disrupting patients, particularly for outpatients. These wards include everything required to successfully treat patients for many types of treatments, including outpatients, ENT, maternity care, and minor injuries.


Specialised surgeries can provide the ideal environment for complex and difficult treatments. Springfield provides bespoke buildings that are made to your specific requirements and are able to cater to surgical buildings from general surgery to cardiac surgery.

Privacy Units

There are some surgical procedures that require a level of privacy for the patient, a portable building could provide additional privacy and comfort for treatments including colonoscopy and endoscopy.

Discharge Lounge

Patients waiting to be discharged can wait for a long period of time, a dedicated lounge would provide a comfortable environment for them during this time. 

Research and Laboratories

Research, training, and testing related to sensitive materials and samples should be in a secure area. A portable building with minimised access could be the ideal solution for this.

There are so many options available when it comes to portable buildings, if you imagine it, we will achieve it. View more information about our healthcare buildings.

Alternatively, to speak to one of our experts, call Springfield on 01744 851958 or use our contact form.

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