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Published: 25 October 2019 in Building Types

Why Choose a Two-Storey Portable Building?

If your business has limited space but is looking to expand, then a two-storey modular building is an ideal solution. We can even stretch to three-storey! This additional space can offer many functions across many sectors.

Two-storey buildings are a great choice within sectors such as education and for businesses because the additional office space is easily created. Alongside the importance of ground area, this type of space can also be shaped to suit the unique needs of many sectors, such as providing safety fittings for a children’s teaching facilities or kitchen fittings. Our interior options range widely depending on what you need from your building.


What Are the Advantages of Two-Storey Portable Buildings?

In comparison to a traditional build, bonded wall panels and a steel frame structure mean that Springfield’s two-storey buildings are long-lasting and low maintenance. On top of this, our buildings are manufactured off-site at our ISO-approved workshop in St. Helens in a much shorter amount of time, making them a more streamlined and cost-effective solution in comparison to a traditional build.

Each building we make is truly bespoke and customisable to your needs. We offer a vast range of both internal and external building finishes, from windows and roofing to internally fitted worktops and bathrooms.

What Can Springfield Offer?

We can provide the spacious solution of a two-storey portable building that matches your exact company needs and requirements.

Hiring – We have a flexible hiring scheme whereby we have two primary contract types:

  • An open-ended contract with no fixed length.
  • A client-based contract, whereby you decide on the contract period (between three months and five years).

Find out more about our hiring options.

Buying – Buying a two-storey modular building from us provides a cost-effective solution for your company. You can choose from our existing stock of buildings or decide to opt for a completely bespoke and customisable new build instead:

  • Browse – Take a look at our catalogue of off-the-shelf buildings. These used buildings have been manufactured by Springfield specifically for hire and may be pre-used or new. All the buildings in our catalogue can be reconfigured to meet your company’s specific requirements.
  • Create – design a building to meet the specifications of your business. We want to make sure that we fulfil all of your requirements. Buying a portable building from Springfield is the start of a great relationship between buyer and client to create the space you need.

Find out more about our buying options.


At Springfield, we have more than 40 years of industry experience designing portable buildings in a vast range of sectors, meaning we are equipped with the skills and support needed to work with you to create your ideal building. 

For more information on two-storey modular buildings and examples of two-storey buildings we have previously installed, browse our website. Alternatively, you can view our brochure to find out more about all of our building types or contact our fantastic team on 01744 851958.

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