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Published: 3 October 2022 in Building Types

Why are Modular Buildings Increasing in Popularity?

Modular buildings are an increasingly popular choice with companies expanding or looking for flexible space in their buildings. This growing demand is particularly evident in the health and education sectors as they struggle with the demands being placed on them. So why are they proving so popular now given they have been available for many years? 

The short answer is that significant progress has been made in recent years with the highest possible construction standards being met which coupled with the innovative design and production techniques deliver a compelling reason to choose Modular. 

What is a Modular Building? 

The word “modular” is derived from the word module which has many meanings but in this case, the words, “section”, “component” or better still “building block” are probably the most descriptive.

A modular building is constructed from a number of modules each built off-site and close to fully constructed before installation and of a transportable size, then delivered to the site and connected to create the final building. 

Once assembled the only task left is to connect the already installed internal utilities to the relevant networks and complete any external groundworks. Any number of modules can be connected to provide a building of any size. 

What are the Benefits of Modular Buildings? 

They offer all the advantages of a traditional build to the highest construction standards but are cheaper and quicker. The factory-controlled process generates less waste, creates less site traffic, and allows for cleaner construction. 


Modular buildings can be built to any size or shape, sited pretty much anywhere, disassembled, and the modules relocated or refurbished, this reduces the need for raw materials as well as reduces energy use.  

Reduced Waste: 

A factory setting enables closer supervision and means waste can be close to eliminated, waste can be recycled, and left-over materials can be reused in other projects.

Additionally, Health & safety controls are easier to implement and significant economies of scale created.  

Fast Construction: 

Construction offsite can occur simultaneously with foundation work onsite which allows projects to be completed in up to half the time of traditional buildings.  

No Weather Delays: 

Up to 90% of construction takes place inside the factory setting which eliminates the risk of delays due to poor weather conditions.  

Quality Build: 

Modular buildings are required to meet the same building codes and standards as traditional builds so there is no reduction in quality.  

Increased Safety: 

Factory settings have safety standards in place that protect staff from falling debris, heights, and other site risks.  


Our buildings can be built exactly to your specification. From finishes to features your build is designed to meet all your requirements.  

If you would like to know more about the benefits of modular buildings and find out how Springfield Mobile can help you, contact us online or call 01744 851 958. 

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