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Published: 17 February 2022 in Building Types

What Type of Modular Building is Right For You?

Modular buildings are incredibly versatile because they can be used for so many purposes, across a wide range of sectors, notably education, leisure, healthcare and office accommodation but really, anywhere additional space is needed. We differ from most modular buildings manufacturers because we prefer to build bespoke buildings to meet your specific needs rather than sell you something from stock, this way you get what you want rather than what a supplier wants you to have. When a building can be whatever you want it to be, the potential to meet your needs is obviously increased, the only limit is your imagination.

Prefabricated/Portable Buildings

Prefabricated buildings also known as Portable Buildings or Cabins are manufactured from factory constructed components, manufactured in our 40,000 sq ft factory in St Helens by our time-served craftsmen. They are usually complete buildings ready for use once connected to the necessary utilities and positioned on a suitably prepared site. They benefit from the control that off-site construction offers. The convenience of access to all the necessary equipment coupled with the absence of adverse weather conditions means that no matter the weather, we can continue to manufacture bespoke prefabricated buildings all year round in a highly efficient, organised manner.

Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are sectional structures or units, that will make up parts of rooms or complete rooms. These units are then delivered to your site and then put together. Opting for modular buildings can also allow you to stack your modules one on top of another to create a multi-storey building; a structure that can even be added to at a later date to help facilitate your company’s growth. The main advantages of modular buildings lie in their reasonable cost, you gain all the benefits of a traditional build at a fraction of the time & cost.

Jackleg Cabins

Jackleg cabins are named after the metal structure that supports the building, providing the flexibility for the cabin to be placed on uneven surfaces or stacked on top of each other, creating multi-storey units. The distinct advantage of the jackleg cabin is that the steel legs make them a fantastic spacing solution for businesses working on uneven surfaces. These jackleg cabins can be added to or upgraded as required, providing you with a solution that can grow with your business, you can even link together multiple storey buildings.

If you would like to find out more about either the prefabricated buildings or the modular buildings we offer, or you would like to contact a member of our expert team directly, use our contact form or call us on 01744 851958.

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