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Published: 8 September 2022 in Building Types

What is the difference between Modular and Traditional Construction?

Modular building and traditional construction begin with the same procedures, planning, designs, approvals, and site preparations with many common materials involved too. However, there are many differences which will dictate which method is the best choice for your needs. 


The first has to be cost – construction time is very much reduced given that the entire building is constructed on-site in a custom-built high-tech factory, unaffected by inclement weather conditions, with all materials pre-ordered and on hand, all tradesmen working alongside each other to ensure all units are built to a tight schedule in an efficient manner refined over many years. Reduced cost is also impacted by many other elements of the process as we illustrate below. 


The process for both traditional and modular buildings follows the same essential steps, however, traditional builds must follow the step-by-step process in order. Modular buildings have no such restrictions, steps can be completed simultaneously due to the work being built offsite. No waiting whilst another project is finished. 


Modular construction clearly offers a much speedier with buildings available within weeks of order and delivered to the site with most of the utilities already installed. Single jack-leg buildings are mostly good to go on delivery. Additionally, due to the manufacturing taking place away from the site, there is significantly less clean-up time and site restoration.   

Running Costs 

The building itself will reduce your initial costs but there are other budgetary benefits to a modular building. The shorter build time, as detailed above, will make a significant contribution and the finest energy efficiencies now built into current modular buildings will reduce running costs and meet your green and environmental obligations. General maintenance is practically non-existent. Should your budget be really tight we are happy to produce a bespoke building exactly to your specification and fund it through a leasing arrangement where you pay over a period of time.  


A traditional building site can be a dangerous place with lots of movement of materials creating a potential for danger. The ability to build in a carefully planned facility with a production line system removes most of these dangers and establishes a much safer environment. With modular construction, the number of accidents is reduced as most of the building work takes place in a controlled environment.  

Environmentally Friendly 

The construction industry is noted for creating significant which is clearly a primary concern in this environmentally passionate world, however much of this is resolved with modular building methods. The planning stage includes a very detailed material list which is ordered specifically for each building ensuring that nothing is missing. Still, neither is anything supplied to excess, exactly what is needed but no more. Should there be any waste generated through off-cuts for instance it will be used on other projects, our carbon footprint is reduced with less traffic to the site and we continuously introduce new environmental policies.

It is unlikely that traditional methods will ever be phased out but there are so many benefits to modular building methods that we will inevitably see many more being used in the future.  

Your specific requirements will dictate whether traditional or modular is right for your building but it is definitely worth exploring modular and here at Springfield we would be delighted to talk you through your options.  

One of our expert team is always happy to help with advice and support. Contact us via our contact form or call us on 01744 851958. 

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