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Published: 11 June 2021 in Building Types

What Are the Advantages of Prefabricated Buildings?

We know we are biased, but there are so many advantages to choosing a prefabricated building over a traditional building. From savings in cost and time to eco-friendliness, in this article, we explore these advantages.

What Is A Prefabricated Building?

Prefabricated buildings consist of factory-manufactured components that are transported to and then assembled on-site. Prefabricated buildings are usually completely fitted with all required utilities and ready for immediate use when delivered and connected to mains supplies on-site.

Interestingly, the main difference between a prefabricated building and a modular building is that a prefab is generally a complete building rather than individual modular units.

If you’d like to know more about hiring or buying a prefabricated building suited to your sector and specific requirements, take a look at our dedicated page: Springfield Prefabricated Buildings.



Advantages Of A Prefabricated Building

If you have never had a prefabricated building before or even been inside one, you may not know just how fantastic they are, not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency.

Here are some key advantages of prefabricated buildings:

  • Less material waste onsite and factory waste can be removed in a more environmentally conscious fashion as opposed to landfill.
  • Factory workmanship is of a higher quality as components are produced under close supervision and under building standards.
  • Unlike regular on-site construction, all subassemblies of prefabricated buildings are constructed under a controlled, uniform environment, which automatically ensures consistent quality and ease of replication.
  • Better protection from weather damage when constructing – Prefabrication permits building throughout the year, regardless of the weather.
  • Less disruption to the surrounding environment on-site.
  • Cost savings. Modular buildings are considerably less expensive to construct compared to traditional buildings.
  • No need for shuttering and scaffolding.
  • Installation of building services and external finishes can be done immediately
  • Flexibility, due to the possibility of alterations and reuse and the possibility of disassembling the entire structure
  • Reduced construction time, resulting in lower labour costs
  • Energy efficiency due to better wall insulation and a generally more sustainable form of construction
  • Provides easy and extensive redesigning opportunities, both internally and externally

Prefabricated Buildings From Springfield

Springfield offers truly bespoke prefabricated buildings. All buildings are manufactured in our ISO-approved, 40,000 sq. ft. workshop, where our expert craftsmen use the latest techniques to ensure optimum efficiency and quality.

We have a wealth of experience and expertise when it comes to prefabricated buildings, so if you’d like some more information on projects we have previously successfully delivered, explore our case studiestestimonials and brochure. Or, to get in contact with our expert team for a friendly discussion, give us a call on 01744 851 958, fill out our contact form or request a callback.

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