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Published: 15 October 2021 in Building Types

The Many Uses Of Jackleg Cabins

Why Jackleg Cabins?

Built off-site, Jackleg Cabins are ready to move into as soon as they are delivered. The installation of your cabin will be timely and cost-effective and has a wide variety of finishing options, layouts and sizes. Available to buy or hire, and portable by nature, Jackleg Cabins are extremely versatile. At Springfield, we provide a complete bespoke expansion solution in order to ensure your cabin is tailor-made to meet your requirements.

Below, we will delve into the many uses of these portable cabins.



Perfect as a temporary office space, Jackleg Cabins are perfect if your current office is undergoing renovation or refurbishment. These portable office buildings can be placed on your site whilst construction continues and provide a warm, safe and fully equipped working environment for your employees. Cheaper than renting a traditional office space elsewhere, you will also have the added bonus of not having to relocate elsewhere during construction.


Temporary Classrooms

If your education institution is undergoing maintenance work, you’ll need a temporary space to house your students, whilst continuing to foster an effective learning environment. Quick to install, insulated from poor weather conditions and available in a variety of sizes, the Jackleg Cabin is an ideal stop-gap as a temporary classroom.


Temporary Kitchen Facilities

Jackleg Cabins are extremely versatile and can be used for almost anything. If you need temporary kitchen space, they can also be fitted for this purpose. With plenty of space for a wide range of bespoke solutions such as worktops, cupboards, sinks, appliances and more, we can ensure your Jackleg Cabin meets your specific requirements.


Toilet Blocks & Bathroom Facilities

Self-contained units, available in various layouts, sizes and the option to stack on top of each other, the Jackleg Cabin can also be used for toilet blocks and bathroom facilities. Being portable, they can be moved from location to location with relative ease and can be plumbed to have running water and waste disposal solutions.


Ticket Kiosks

You may require a simple solution for a ticket kiosk, which can be set up quickly and provide a safe and dry place to take payments. Whether it be for a festival, music gig, sporting event or anywhere else, the Jackleg Cabin provides a cost-effective, secure solution for ticket sellers and can be customised to meet your needs.


Changing Rooms & First Aid Facilities

Ideal for schools or sports clubs alike, the Jackleg cabin can provide a dry, secure and customisable space for sports teams to shelter from the elements. Providing many portable buildings to the sports and leisure industry, we understand budgets are front of mind for both schools and sports clubs and therefore can offer you fully functional solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional builds.


If you are looking for a flexible, portable and cost-effective solution that can be installed quickly, then look no further than the Jackleg Cabin. Please do get in touch with us at Springfield and we will assist you in finding the portable building best suited to your specific requirements.

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