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Published: 8 December 2016 in Building Types

The Ghosts of Christmas Modular Buildings

Now that Christmas is well and truly on its way, we’ve taken a look at how modular buildings and portable cabins have moved on since they were first used in the UK, and we look forward to how they have developed into the fully functional, aesthetically pleasing buildings they are today!

Modular Buildings of Christmases Past
Modular buildings have been around since the 1800s. They were used as they were fast to build and easily transported. Later Brunel used modular buildings during the Crimean war to build hospitals quickly and efficiently.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that businesses started to see other uses for modular buildings. Schools in particular saw the buildings could easily create more space for ever-growing classes.  The buildings, which were used during this time, were meant to be a temporary solution and therefore only lasted a few years. These modular buildings were very much a quick-fix for a rapidly growing problem and were no comparison to their permanent cousins. They were a useful and cheap option in their time, however there was no thought for comfort or if users would enjoy these buildings. Modular buildings conjured up images of dull grey exteriors and their draughty, lacking-in-comfort interiors meant they fell out of popular use.

Modular Buildings of Christmases Present
Today, modular buildings are increasingly becoming the go-to way to grow working space for businesses. The fast, convenient and cheaper installation coupled with bespoke interior and exterior features, make these buildings an ideal solution for businesses. The life span of modular buildings has increased dramatically meaning they now can last over 40 years. Far from the grey boxes you may remember from your childhood, our buildings are built to blend in with the surroundings, utilising features such as cedar cladding, brick cladding or windows of any shape. 

Springfield’s modular buildings give you the facilities you need, in the way you need them. From key accessibility options to security measures and bespoke extras such as circular windows and cedar cladding. Our expert design team work to ensure we create a building to meet your needs, both in the way it looks and works, while staying within your budget and space limits.

Modular buildings can now look the way you want them to and have afunctionality to match. At Springfield, we pride ourselves on our bespoke units, which will easily integrate into your current business or school.

Modular Buildings of Christmases Yet to Come
Modular buildings of the future are set to last longer, have an even more effective installation and provide features that were only previously associated with permanent builds. The increased longevity of these buildings means there are now even more possibilities for how modular buildings can be used.

It also means that when you buy a modular building you will be able to use it for years to come and if you hire a second hand build you can be assured that it will still retain its structural integrity and aesthetic qualities. The modular building industry is continuing to innovate with new designs and new techniques, which means the industry will only continue to improve. They are at the forefront of cutting-edge architecture and have proven that temporary buildings can be just as stunning as permanent structures.

Contact our team on 01744 851958 or fill in a contact form to find out more about our modular buildings and how they could help you grow your business. 

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