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Published: 5 July 2015 in Building Types

The Economic Benefits of Temporary Buildings

With the economy still in recession, many businesses which have space issues are choosing to use temporary buildings and warehouses as permanent options.

Permanent structures can drain finances, take a lot of time to design and build, and become a lasting commitment that becomes increasingly inflexible if the worst happens and a business starts to decline.

Equally, of course, you can easily take apart a temporary structure and install it elsewhere. So if a building is no longer required, often there may be a buy-back clause so that the building will be taken back off you promptly without any additional complications to your business.

So it’s perhaps not surprising that the notion of temporary building hire is increasing in popularity and profile, with a growing number of schools, businesses and others waking up to the benefits.

Stacks of Choice

Temporary structures come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, can be made from a huge range of different materials, and are made for any number of diverse purposes.

These buildings can be used to help in the construction of a bigger project, but, equally, they may be the project in themselves, so it’s important to keep the definition of “temporary building” fairly broad.

Sometimes, these structures may only be needed for a short while, or to allow a clearly defined function to be performed, before being taken down and perhaps relocated. Both their existence and function are temporary.

The variety is huge, from sports event seating to kiosks, warehouses, marquees and portable cabins. Even some ice rinks are technically temporary structures!

To recap, the major benefits include:

• Speed of building
• Greatly reduced cost
• Flexibility
• Buildings can be linked together
• Suit the interior to your own needs
• Get very specific sizing to maximise the use of space
• Because there are no foundations, a temporary building can be sited on a wide variety of bases, from hardcore to concrete

These are just some of the benefits – there are many others.

Temporary Building Hire from Springfield Mobile

We’re one of the UK’s leading temporary building companies, specialising in portable or modular buildings including mobile classrooms.

We ensure that you get all the benefits of a more traditional build – while spending a fraction of the money and the time in the construction process.

You can order buildings from us safe in the knowledge that they meet all building regulations, and our own sky-high efficiency standards, so make us your first port of call whether you are looking for a short-term medical centre, nursery, sports hall or anything else, and we’ll help you find the structure that’s absolutely right for you.

Visit our website or alternatively, meet the team at our factory and see for yourself our whole manufacturing process, from initial design through to completed product.

For more information on how portable buildings can benefit your business contact us at 01744 851958 or fill out a contact form.

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