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Published: 14 March 2022 in Building Types

Temporary Portable Buildings Lasting Decades

How temporary is “temporary” when it comes to your portable building? You may be surprised to find out that temporary portable buildings can last for at least 25 to 30 years and with the improvements Springfield have introduced over recent years we confidently believe our buildings will last 50 years and beyond. So why are they called temporary buildings, what’s the difference between a temporary portable building and a permanent one, which one should you opt for, and what factors impact the lifespan of your building? Read on to find out.

Why are they called Temporary Portable Buildings?

So, if they can last for at least 25 to 30 and maybe 50 years, why are they called temporary buildings? The name actually originates from how the buildings are installed rather than how long you should expect them to be serviceable. Temporary modular buildings are designed for easy dismantling and relocation, so it’s not about how long the building itself will last, but how long you would like it to be in situ. These buildings are great for short-term or urgent needs, and the “temporary” name simply means they are easier to put in place and take away again when that need is no longer present.

What’s the difference between a Temporary Portable Building and a Permanent Portable Building?

A permanent building, on the other hand, offers greater flexibility. When you know you want a building to be permanent, you have more options with regard to its design and placement. Permanent modular buildings can be integrated into site-built projects, or they can stand alone as turnkey solutions. With these buildings, you can incorporate brick facings, site-built roofs, entrance canopies, interior lobbies and stairwells, elevators, glass storefronts and custom layouts. Permanent modular buildings have a lifespan of at least 50 years.

Should You Buy A Temporary Portable Building Or A Permanent One?

Whether you buy a temporary building or a permanent one depends on what you need it for. If you know you will only need it for a short time, a temporary building may be the way to go. But if you intend on the building being a permanent fixture on your site, opting for a permanent modular building will give you more freedom with the design. Rest assured that if you choose a temporary building and it turns out you need it for longer than you expected, it will still provide you with many great years of use. While this type of building may provide fewer options during the design process, the great benefit is that it will be very easy to remove when the time comes. Permanent buildings will last longer and come with many different options to suit your needs, but temporary buildings are a great option if you need something quickly and for a shorter period. They are also ideal if you would like to move the building to a different location at any point.

How can you increase the Lifespan of your Temporary Building?

Temporary portable buildings can last for at least 25 to 30 years, while permanent modular buildings can last for at least 50 years if they are built with care. This is why at Springfield, we always:

  • Carry out quality testing of the building when manufacturing and upon installation
  • Carefully design and construct the building’s foundation
  • Use interior finishes that are easy to clean and repair
  • Use durable exterior finishes

Temporary modular buildings are designed to withstand being transported and craned into their final position, so they are very durable. When your building is constructed with care and looked after during its lifespan, it’s sure to serve you well for many years to come.

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