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Published: 14 June 2019 in Building Types

How Customisable Is A Modular Building?

For far too long, modular buildings and other building types which utilise off-site techniques have been labelled with terms such as unreliable and unattractive. Many of those in the market for a brand-new building, or even an extension, therefore opt for traditional building methods and miss out on the fantastic advantages that off-site techniques can provide.

One particular advantage which is incredibly important for clients is the ability to customise your building. In this blog, we will explore the fantastically customisable advantages of modular buildings and how many clients in a huge range of industries have benefited.

The bespoke advantage of modular buildings

One of the many misconceptions about modular buildings involves how they are manufactured. Many believe that because modular buildings are produced off-site, a client can only purchase one of a few variations of the same building. This way it is easier for modular building manufacturers to standardise the construction process by churning out the same type of building. With modern day off-site techniques, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The manufacturing of buildings in our ISO-approved workshop provides our team a controlled environment in which they construct each modular building. But rather than focusing on the speed and cost of the building, when you contact our team their focus remains solely on meeting your exact requirements. If, for example, you require an extension to an existing building, we strive to ensure that your modular extension fits in aesthetically with the structure that already exists. If it is the internal features that are the most important aspect of your modular building, we will work to ensure your building is fully equipped – a nursery for example may need low-level sinks. Our controlled workshop environment allows our team to completely tailor your building to your needs; supplying you with your building, your way.

What can you customise on a modular building?

But this brings into question what elements of your modular building you can actually customise. Realistically, what elements you can decide on depends on your requirement, and we champion active discourse with our clients to ensure we can meet their specifications. However, there are a generic set of features that can we offer to customise as standard:

  • Internal Finishes
    • From anti-scald taps and low-level toilets for those in education, to shower blocks for those sports teams and consulting rooms for those in healthcare, there are a vast range of internal finishes we can introduce to meet your needs.
  • Windows
    • Coming in a selection of colours, shapes and sizes, you have the option to choose windows that fit in or stand out, with additional features like double glaze, tint or triple vents available.
  • Roofing
    • Choosing the right roof is essential if you hope for your building to fit in with its existing surroundings. Clients can choose from a variety of tile profiles and colours as standard.
  • External Cladding
    • Customising this aspect will determine how your building looks on the outside, including timber, brick, tiles and laminate choices. Certain cladding can be decided on to meet planning regulations, and we even offer thermally efficient cladding.
  • External Fascia
    • Although it may not be the most prominent aspect of your building, your choice of fascia will influence how the building looks. Take on a modern look or a more traditional feel by choosing from flat, bull-nosed or square fascia options.

We relish the opportunity to sit down with a client and discuss their requirements. If you would like to find out more about the building finishes we offer, or would like to contact our team, visit our website or call us on 01744 851958.

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