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Published: 18 April 2019 in Building Types

Springfield’s Complete Guide To Jackleg Buildings

With more people becoming aware of the distinct advantages of using off-site construction techniques, many businesses are turning to off-site manufactures for a permanent portable solution. The bespoke service on offer in the construction of portable buildings means that choosing one to expand your business is now more likely to fit seamlessly and unnoticeably in extension to any existing establishments.

There are however many cases in which businesses are not searching for a long-term portable solution. They are in fact on the hunt for a much more temporary answer, for example to accommodate staff whilst their initial building is renovated. For clients who are in search for a short-term expansion solution, they’d need look no further than the sturdy jackleg, a building type which may not be familiar to all. Therefore, in our latest blog post, we will explore what exactly a jackleg building is and the distinct advantages it provides our clients.

What is a jackleg building?

Jacklegs are a specific type of portable building, named after the metal legs which are attached to its base. These sturdy legs act as foundations for the self-contained portable cabin.

What are the advantages of a jackleg building?

The steel legs on the base of jackleg buildings provide this specific building type with distinct advantages over other types of buildings which are manufactured off-site. The primary benefit of these types of buildings is the fact they are can be installed on sites with uneven surfaces. Their legs provide this level of flexibility; a common need for temporary solutions. If you only require the building for the short-term, it may not always make financial sense to construct an even surface. The jackleg bypasses this need in being able to stand steady on these types of uneven surfaces.

Not only providing the advantage of being installed on uneven surfaces, the legs of a jackleg also allow the stacking of these types of buildings. This ability to stack means that a client can be supplied with a multi-storey unit, made up of a number of individual jacklegs. As these buildings are self-contained, they come off of the factory line ready for use. The added perk that they can be stacked means that you as the client can be provided with a bespoke, multi-storey structure at an unrivalled speed compared to installing the same building using traditional methods.

Hiring a jackleg building

The benefits that a jackleg building brings to our clients mean that they are a fantastic option for a wide range of scenarios. With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing jackleg buildings, we understand that different clients have different needs, and we have strived over the decades to meet their specific requirements. This is no different when it comes to jackleg buildings, and in particular the option of hiring one.

Even as a temporary solution, jackleg buildings may still need to be aesthetically pleasing as well as practical for the business purchasing them. With the bespoke service we offer here at Springfield we aim to meet both of these concerns. Our jacklegs are manufactured in our ISO-approved workshop, which means we can completely customise your building. This also means your building comes tailor-made, allowing each client to select a variety of finishing options, which include but aren’t limited to: the types of windows, internal finishes and features and even external fascia options. If you have the specifications, we will meet your requirements.

The alternative option for our clients is to select from our existing hire fleet. These are buildings which have already been manufactured and are waiting for the perfect client to hire them out. These buildings can be taken away as is, or again completely customised to meet your needs. Both the creation of a new, bespoke building or the acquisition of one from our fleet both come with a tailor-made option to hire. We discuss with our clients the length of contract they require, from a length the client decides or an open-ended contract whereby the client notifies us when they no longer need the building.

The fantastic temporary solution of a jackleg building when married with our tailor-made hiring option, offers the perfect choice if you’re in the market for a building. If you would like to find out more about our jackleg buildings or the hiring service we offer, check out our website or contact us on 01744 851958.

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