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Published: 20 July 2015 in Building Types

Expanding with the Help of Prefabricated Buildings

If your organisation is undergoing expansion, you might need more space to house your personnel. However, the thought of extending your premises may cause your blood pressure to rise. After all, traditional buildings can be time consuming to construct and they’re not cheap either.

The good news is, there’s an alternative that may fit your needs perfectly. Portable buildings represent the ultimate in convenience and value for money and, as long as you choose the right provider, you’ll benefit from top-quality accommodation that looks the part and is comfortable to use.

UK employment
It seems as though your firm isn’t the only one taking on new staff members. According to figures provided by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the labour market continued to expand during the last quarter of 2012.
During the three-month period, the number of people in employment rose by 154,000, meaning the total workforce hit 29.73 million.

Meanwhile, the ONS also noted that between September and December, the number of unemployed people fell by 14,000 quarter-on-quarter, taking the employment rate down to 7.8 per cent.

Furthermore, there were signs of an improvement in the quality of the roles being created. Fewer people said they were working part-time because they could not find a full-time position. During the quarter, the number of individuals in full-time positions climbed by 197,000, while the numbers in part-time employment dropped by 48,000.

Responding to the figures, which coincided with a drop in UK GDP, director of the Jobs Economist John Philpott said: “The UK jobs market continues to astound. We are in a middle of both a jobs boom and a pay slump as jobseekers struggle to gain or retain employment in a stagnant economy by pricing themselves into work.

“This is unlike anything seen in this country since the Second World War, with the economy using more and more people at falling real rates of pay to produce a static level of output.”

Prefabricated Buildings

To help accommodate your expanding workforce, you might benefit from taking a look at the prefabricated buildings we offer here at Springfield.

Our constructions can be perfect for businesses of all kinds and they have a range of advantages over traditional builds.

For example, you won’t have to wait as long to benefit from the additional space because the bulk of the construction is completed off-site. Your new building could be completed within a matter of weeks.

With prefab buildings you also have the chance to design everything around your individual requirements, including size, number of levels, finish and interior specification. You can even add more modules at a later date, meaning your buildings can grow along with your company.

Like a lot of organisations, yours may be operating on a limited budget at present. The good news is, our buildings are great value for money. You can make substantial savings when compared with a traditional build.

Our efficient production techniques and minimal on-site construction enable us to provide low-cost buildings.

Contact our friendly team on 01744 851958 or fill in a contact form to find out more about how our prefab buildings could help you to expand your business. 

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