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Published: 28 February 2024 in Building Types

Do You Need Planning Permission For A Modular Building UK?

Planning permission is the formal consent required from the local planning authority for certain types of development or changes to existing properties. It is a legal requirement set out in the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, and it aims to control the way land and buildings are used and the appearance of the built environment.

Planning permission is a critical aspect of the development process in the UK, ensuring that changes to the built environment are well-considered, comply with local policies, and contribute to sustainable and orderly development.

Planning permission is typically required for various types of development, including the construction of new buildings, significant alterations or extensions to existing structures, changes in land use, and certain types of advertisements. But what about modular buildings? This article explains the rules around modular buildings and planning permission.



Do You Need Planning Permission for a Modular Building in the UK?

Local planning authorities, often local councils or planning departments, are responsible for granting or denying planning permission. Planning requirements state that regardless of size, any building or structure in place over 28 days must have planning approval. This means that if you plan to purchase or hire a modular building and use it for more than 28 days, you will need to apply for planning permission with your local council.

If you are purchasing or constructing a modular building, the responsibility for approval of the planning regulations is yours. This responsibility can be delegated to the building’s manufacturer during procurement; however, this should be established at the start of the project.

At Springfield, we offer an optional full turnkey service and can submit and manage the planning permission application on your behalf. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to see your order through from start to finish.

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