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Published: 8 July 2015 in Building Types

Building Finishes On Your Portable Cabin

When you order portable buildings, there are a number of issues to think about. For example, you’ll need to choose a style of construction that ticks all of your boxes and it’s important that it’s the right size and shape, and that it falls within your budget.

Then there’s the finish to bear in mind. To onlookers, this is the most noticeable aspect of the buildings, so it’s well worth putting some effort into this.

Huge Range of Options

At Springfield we go out of our way to provide our clients with solutions that meet all of their needs, and we extend this philosophy to the finishes we provide.

By taking a look around our website, you’ll be able to explore a range of possibilities and by choosing wisely, you can ensure that your new building looks great in its surroundings. Also, you can take your pick from a variety of optional upgrades on both the jack leg and modular ranges.

External cladding
The external cladding you select will have a massive impact on the appearance of the whole building. This is your chance to make your unit look spot on. You might want to match current brick built buildings, or perhaps you’re keen to showcase your organisation’s corporate colours.

Meanwhile, you might have to satisfy planning regulations and blend in with the surrounding environment, or perhaps you’re keen to do the precise opposite. For example, if you’re trying to attract customers, it’s important to get people’s attention and stand out.

As well as the different aesthetic options we provide, we can also supply thermally efficient external cladding to help you control energy costs in your modular buildings. With gas and electricity prices going up all the time, this is well worth considering.

You can choose from a variety of cladding materials, including:

• Timber
• Brick
• Tiles
• Laminate
• Plastisol steel
• Brick slip
• Cedar clad
• PVC cladding
• Stenni

It’s worth noting that our brick effect cladding consists of an outer skin of kiln-dried bricks that are glued to a fully insulated backing panel and pointed to create a durable finish. This creates an impressive look.

Read more about our this on our external cladding options page.  

External Fascias
You can also choose from a variety of external fascias. You can see these items as the icing on your modular building cake. While they may not be the biggest element of your buildings, they can still make a significant difference to the overall look of your constructions.

Perhaps you’ll opt to give your units a modern look, or maybe you’ll go for a traditional square style of fascia. You also have the option of creating an original look with bull nosed or square stepped versions. Of course, you can choose from a number of different colours too.

Read more about our this on our external fascia options page. 

Your Roof and Windows
No building is complete without a roof and we offer both flat and pitched systems in a variety of colours and styles.
When it comes to windows, you can choose between square, round and picture versions. We also offer architectural and special shaped windows.

Read more about our this on our roof and windows pages 

The Final Product
By paying attention to each element of your external design, you can create impressive results that you can be proud of.
Our range of options means that your building can be as unique as your business and provide you with the space you need to maintain and grow your company. 

For more information on Springfield’s bespoke building finishes please contact our friendly team on 01744 851958, or alternatively fill in a contact form. 

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