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Published: 29 March 2019 in Building Types

What Building Should I Hire? A Guide To Hiring The Perfect Off-Site Building

Whether you’re a business, a school or a healthcare centre, searching for a cost-effective expansion solution can be a difficult process. There are a wide variety of building types from which you could choose, ranging from jackleg to modular for example. For those individuals who are not well versed in the differences between a portable and a prefabricated building however, searching for a building can be a daunting prospect. But it doesn’t have to be. In this blog post, you will find our guide to what building types suit each scenario, to aid in your understanding of hiring one.

At Springfield Modular, we specialise in offering bespoke buildings by utilising our state-of-the-art off-site construction methods. Our level of customisation even extends to the types of contracts we offer our clients. Hiring one of our buildings especially is a practical solution for a company; we are flexible in the discussions we have with our clients to ensure we can agree a contract length which best suits their needs.

There is an important rule to bear in mind before reading this guide – there are no rules! The suggestions which this guide offers are not limiting; a portable building may in some cases offer a more effective solution in some healthcare cases than a prefabricated one. With all Springfield clients the importance remains in the dialogue we have, discussing what is the most effective, bespoke solution for you.

Modular Buildings – Education

Modular buildings are the focal point of the bespoke service we offer here at Springfield. These building types are made up of individual units which we assemble in our ISO-approved warehouse. These units are then delivered to the site and secured together to create your bespoke sectional structure.

The off-site assembly process adds an unrivalled level of customisation for clients searching for a building. This makes a modular building the perfect solution for the education sector. Our off-site methods mean that we can assemble your building in a much shorter time over the school holidays to limit disruption to classes. We also specialise in adding child-friendly features such as: low level toilets and sinks, door finger protectors and anti-scald taps. The perfect cost-effective solution for any school or college.

Portable Buildings – Offices

Rather than consisting of a variety of units, portable buildings are self-contained. This means they come off the shelf ready to be installed on-site and utilised by the client who has purchased it. With the variety of building finishes that we offer, from internal finishes to external cladding, portable buildings therefore offer a fantastic solution for companies on a tight budget or time restraint.

This makes these building types the perfect solution for a business looking to expand their facilities, particularly their office facilities. Hiring a portable building provides a business with a customisable expansion solution, allowing your business to reduce its upfront expenditure by spreading its payments over an affordable period. The customisation also extends to the number of storeys you can select, as portable buildings can be stacked on top of each other, offering the ability to hire a two, or even three-storey office building.

Prefabricated Buildings– Healthcare Facilities

A prefabricated building is assembled slightly differently than the previous two examples. These building types consist of individual components which are manufactured in our workshop and transported to the site. The components are then put together on-site.

Prefab buildings therefore offer a faster and more environmentally friendly method of construction compared to the use of traditional methods. So, these types of buildings offer a cheaper solution for the healthcare sector. To aid in expanding GP surgeries or a dentistry for example, the off-site techniques we utilise to construct a prefabricated building offers a more competitive price compared to building the expansion on-site. For a healthcare which is struggling financially, hiring one of these building types offers an extremely beneficial answer to these concerns.

Jackleg – Construction Offices

Our finial building type on offer is the sturdy jackleg. Jacklegs are a specific type of self-contained cabin, named after the metal legs which are attached to them. The legs are used to provide the cabin with stability on uneven surfaces, which means they are not limited by the space available – an unrivalled level of flexibility. They can even be stacked on top of one another.

Like all of our buildings, jacklegs are constructed in our warehouse and arrive on-site ready to use. This makes them an ideal solution for offices for construction sites. In the likely scenario that these buildings need to be placed on an uneven surface, jacklegs offer a fantastic expansion solution for construction companies. Hiring a jackleg also allows a company to return their building come the end of the construction process. Perfect!


Hiring a building which has been constructed using off-site methods can offer a fantastic range of benefits for businesses from all sectors. Visit our website to find out more about our hiring process or the variety of building types we provide. Alternatively, you can contact us or give us a call on 01744 851958, we would love to hear from you.

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