Building Types

Portable and Modular Building Types from Springfield

Portable and modular buildings are suitable for a wide range of business needs but here at Springfield we make the possibilities even more appealing by offering massive choice and deliver not only suitable accommodation but truly impressive, perfect for purpose, bespoke buildings.

The units are built to your individual needs, to your exact specification, enabling you to decide the most suitable size and dictate both external & internal styles and finishes; a distinct contrast to the industry norm of trying to sell you something “off the shelf”. Springfield also provide a wide range of additional features to customize and enhance your building including; fire alarms, air conditioning, emergency lighting, groundwork packages, full turnkey option and just about anything else that delivers the building you want.

We also offer sale or hire options.

Portable/Jackleg Buildings: Best for smaller spaces and quick, hassle free installation    

These cabins arrive on your site ready for use. They arrive as a complete structure and are fully contained, available compliant with building regulations and are energy efficient. Portable cabins generally require minimal foundational work, so can be sited quickly. The variety of uses for portable cabins are extensive making them ideal for businesses, schools or colleges and are available to both hire or buy. They are the traditional style of cabin chosen where a modest amount of space is required and whilst usually used as a single storey building can also be stacked where space is at a premium.  The range also includes units known as jack leg buildings, named after the steel legs on which the building stands, these are perfect for smaller spaces and particularly suitable for sites with an uneven ground as the jack legs can be individually adjusted.  They also offer quick and hassle free installation.

 Find out more about our portable and jackleg buildings here.

Modular Buildings: Best for long-term solutions and greater space needs
Modular buildings arrive on site in components as transportable modular sections which are then linked and secured together on installation. Modular buildings are both re-locatable, and easy to move, or suitable for long term permanent use. Modular buildings therefore offer you great flexibility as you can add multiple units as your needs dictate allowing you to expand over time if and when required. They can also be connected in a way that is best to create the space you need, meaning at any point you can expand or reduce your space to meet your changing requirements. These units can also be stacked if space is limited.

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All of our buildings are available to either buy or hire. This means you have added flexibility and ensures that we can meet your needs exactly. If you need any help choosing the right building type for your business, or require more information, contact our friendly team on 01744 851 958 or fill in our contact form.