Welcome to Springfield Mobile

Firstly, a warm welcome to Springfield Mobile and a sincere "Thank you" for taking a quick look at our products and portable cabins in the UK.

Hopefully the first thing you'll notice is that our buildings look more attractive than the industry average, that's because we encourage you to design your own building, your way, choosing from the hundreds of options both inside and out.......your building, your way whilst taking full advantage of our advice and experience on what is best for you and your budget.

We are a family firm proud of our 40 year+ history and experience but recognise that we are in a very competitive industry and you have plenty of choice, so delighted you have included us in your search.

We hope in the following pages to persuade you that we can be trusted with your requirements and that our decision to offer loads and loads of choice in every aspect of your building both internally & externally will convince you to consider us and work with you to develop a unique building and portable building designed by you.

Dean Chorley from Blackpool

Please take a close look at our products and choices because the closer you look the better it gets.  Choice, experience, genuine craftsmen, friendly service, dedicated project management, financial stability all go a long way to delivering the peace of mind crucial in a major purchase like this.

We offer a flexible, cost effective service and happy to supply all across the UK to both private and public sectors.

We are preferred supplier to many Government Authorities who use our buildings for a wide range of uses.

We are especially proud of our innovative design team who provide modern attractive buildings combining your ideas, specifications and requirements and our experience and creativity to find the very best options for your project.

Our continued success is rooted in our determination to offer the greatest available choice for our clients in materials, finishes and design styles.

This choice along with our specialist, highly skilled tradesmen set us apart from the rest where "sell them something from our stock range" prevails.

Kevin Fayle from Chorley

Visit our factory, meet the team and see first hand our manufacturing process from initial design through to completed product. No need to book, our door is always open and the kettle on!