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Published: 27 July 2023 in Springfield News

What makes Springfield Modular Buildings different?

Springfield Modular buildings are different to other modular building manufacturers.

We believe we are unique, a cut above the rest, and go above and beyond to deliver some of the best projects in the industry.

Take a quick look at our website. Hopefully, you will quickly notice that our buildings are quite different inside and out, compared to those produced by most other modular building manufacturers.

This isn’t by chance!  At Springfield, we are passionate about designing and building goodlooking, functional units, and our design team works closely with our customers to do just that.

All our buildings are bespoke and built specifically for you, to perfectly suit your requirements – not something we have already built and try to fit your needs.

So, how do we achieve this?

We start by establishing exactly what the space is to be used for, because, at the end of the day – our job is to wrap a great building around the space you need fit for the purpose for which it is intended. But we do make the building look the best it can be – that’s a given!

Our design team will work with you, getting a feel for your ideas, explaining the wide range of finishes inside and out that will create the building you imagined, ensuring all the features you want are incorporated, and suggesting a few ideas you may not even have thought of.

The great thing is it really doesn’t cost anymore; we offer you a wider choice of finishes and external materials such as brick slip, steel clad, PVC timber effect cladding, natural wood and Stenni. Internally the options are so vast that we couldn’t possible do them justice here.

We will also give you some ideas on keeping your costs down, improving your environmental rating and help guide you through any planning requirements.

We also offer a complete turnkey option which means you don’t have to worry about a thing if you don’t want to, you can leave everything to us.

Finally, we understand that acquiring a portable building is a significant commitment and merits close examination.

We encourage this because at Springfield, the closer you look, the better it gets, so we also welcome with open arms factory visits where you can see your building under construction and meet the time-served craftsmen creating your new space.

So, in answer to the question, what makes Springfield buildings different?

The answer is you get more for your money, an attractive building that perfectly suits your needs, with all the features you need, and the peace of mind that comes with working with an experienced family-run business with 50 years of history and an excellent reputation.

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