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Published: 18 August 2023 in Springfield News

Celebrating 50 Years of Springfield and our many Long-Lasting Relationships which define our passion for Loyalty, Mutual Trust, Reliability and Consistency

This year officially marks 50 years of Springfield, and what a fantastic 50 years it has been!

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and for Springfield, the past 50 years have definitely been just that!

To celebrate this remarkable milestone, we hosted a party to thank our dedicated employees, valued customers, and reliable suppliers who helped get us to where we are today.

Celebrating Our Dedicated Employees

Behind every successful, longstanding business are those who work tirelessly behind the scenes. They are the people who bring Springfield to life and have helped make it what it is today. Many have even been with us for decades, transforming their roles into lifelong careers.

A huge thanks to all our employees past and present, a number of whom we show here.

Lyndsey with Diane Rajcza & Neil Appleby’s wife Karen. Diane has been with Springfield since 1980 starting as temporary office staff but is still here 43 years later and now fulfils the role of General Manager.

3 of our long-term production staff – Edwin (In the trendy hat) & wife, Caroline, Colin, Scott & Dave with Graham (Lyndsey’s husband). Edwin has been with us for 10 years having previously worked in Nigeria & Italy.

Neil Appleby & Karen his wife – Neil is our National Sales Manager

Simon & Scott – Simon -is our Factory manager

Scott & Colin  – 2 of our production team

Andy Crook and Paula, his wife, with ex-employee Chris Tyrer and his wife. Andy is a long- term employee of 41 years.

John Gerrad and wife Karen. John retired after 40+ years of service but has returned to do two days a week to help out.

Ian Morley father of Connor who also works at Springfield with Saskia, Connor’s girlfriend, Connor was at the bar!

Thanking Our Valued Customers 

Since the very beginning, our aim has always been to understand our customer’s needs and provide solutions that exceed their expectations. Through this approach, we’ve fostered relationships with returning customers that have truly stood the test of time.

Lyndsey with Adrian MD of a loyal and long-term customer.

Lyndsey & Graham with old clients from Primakabin in Holland who imported Springfield buildings until the business was sold in 2021 by Eveert & Jorg, with whom we are still in contact as long-term friends.

Appreciating Our Reliable Suppliers

Our relationships with our suppliers have allowed us to provide exceptional solutions confidently and consistently for our customers. From the early adopters who believed in our potential to the long-term partners who’ve stood by us for the entire 50 years, your loyalty has undoubtedly contributed to our success, thank you.

Long term supplier of cubicles and vanity units – suppliers to Springfield from Day One (50 years)

Prescotts, another long-term supplier who has been supplying Architectural Ironmongery to Springfield for 50 years – Prescotts will put Springfield to shame in longevity as it’s their 100-year anniversary in September!

We have over 20 years of trading history with this Company – Albion Sections, suppliers of our galvanised Steel sections.

MG Cabins representatives, including John Careless, a relation of Lyndsey and family – we do like to keep it all in the family!

The Entertainment

Lyndsey’s talented daughter Grace, singing on stage with the band “Whiskey Chasers”. Grace sang “Fly me to the Moon” the Frank Sinatra classic in honour of her Grandad, Lyndsey’s father and founder of Springfield mobile who sadly left us 2019.

Grace again dazzling the crowd with her singing and new school prom dress.

The Band

Mike – Lyndsey’s twin brother strutting his stuff and looking the part in his Hawaii shirt & trendy headwear

The rest of the Whiskey Chasers who entertained the party with a great eclectic mix of pop covers

Evidence of the party spirit the band created with their excellent quality and playlist – Here Lyndsey and her dance partner were demonstrating where Springfield are heading in the next 50 years – onwards and upwards!

The Magician

Andrew Dean the magician for the evening who stunned us all with his sleight of hand and high quality performance – Here he surprises Tony Mather and Katie

Andrew manages to remove Keith Hynes watch without his knowledge. Keith is  our Project & Technical  Manager. Keith has no idea how he did it but glad to report he did get it back!

Here he amazes young Ethan by having him close his hand around a single ball only to reveal two when he re-opened his hand

The Scene

Below are a selection of the superb imagery and decorations on display supplied by the hotel to remind us all of the purpose of the celebration and help the occasion even more special.

Here is a selection of confectionery available to all at the part containing all manner of candy treats on a custom build stand manufactured by Graham and Andy in the Springfield workshop.  The Hotel was so impressed they asked to buy it for use at other events….. so we let them!

Friends and Family

The stars of the show Lyndsey and her Mum & fellow Director Carole Britner

Finally, further family members with Carole surrounded by her Brother, Brian Draper, Kathy his wife, and Carole’s son David with his wife Jane and son Joseph.

Thank you to everyone for being a part of our history. Here’s to the next 50 years!

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