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Published: 6 July 2023 in Springfield News

50 Years of Fantastic Customers

This year, we celebrate a successful 50 years in business.

In this blog, we pay tribute to the massive part our customers have played in this success by picking out a few highlights of our trading and identifying noteworthy clients.

The Springfield team have achieved some notable achievements over our half-century history and successfully delivered thousands of buildings across all four nations of the UK and to all four corners – from Stornaway in the North to Truro and the Isle of Man in the South and from Galway in the west to Colchester in the East. We have also exported buildings to Europe through our partner in the Netherlands.

Our First Major Clients

In 1973, when the business began, we were approached to source welfare units for Hewden Morbac and Alan Morgan – both key players in the construction industry. This was a big win for us, as they became our first major clients and delivered a great start to our emerging business and a considerable milestone for the team.

Our Biggest Building to Date

The biggest building manufactured by our team (which, to our knowledge, was the biggest single jack-leg building manufactured in the UK at that time) was a staggering 18m x 3.9 meters. We delivered this building across the North Sea to our European distributors for a client based in Holland. Our Dutch partner needs special recognition as they remained a loyal Springfield customer for our modular buildings from 1990 to their acquisition in 2015.

Notable Projects to Date

A Mortuary!

A current pipeline project includes an extension to a mortuary at a coroner’s court!

Chester Zoo

As recently as this year, Chester Zoo appointed us to supply a 16-module building to provide a learning resource for local children on day visits to the Zoo. This includes three classrooms and a wide range of complementary facilities. Keith, our Project & Technical manager, who spent a lot of time on site, had to endure lots of teasing over his chances of getting back out.

Windsor Park

In preparation for a Royal Wedding in 2011, we supplied a modular building to be used as a welfare block for rangers at Windsor Park.

Armed Guard Gatehouse

We also supplied a building for an armed guard gatehouse at the American Embassy in London.

An A-List Pop Star

We manufactured and delivered a 7-unit building for a well-known international pop star sited on the grounds of his impressive property in England.

Installed by Helicopter

There was one job on Stornoway that remote where we had to acquire the services of a Chinook helicopter to airlift the modules in.

‘Feel Good’ Memories to Look Back on

A feel-good job our team have worked on includes:

Wigan Rugby Club

The local Rugby League club benefitted from the donation of a module as a building to accommodate the local radio station commentary team to broadcast on home games. •

Hesketh Bank

We collaborated with a community project at Hesketh Bank funded by lottery cash and a land donation on which we installed a 12-module building providing multi-purpose social areas, a bar, kitchen and toilet facilities which have become a focal point for the community and the flexible nature of the building facilitates numerous activities.

Charity Contributions

Springfield has a history of sharing their profits with worthy causes, donating every Christmas to charities close to the hearts of our staff and customers selecting those we feel are most deserving. Our staff have also made personal commitments to support our charitable activities, including parachute jumps and marathons. Donations are also regularly made to local sports clubs sponsoring young football teams with funds for playing equipment and kit.

A Look Back on How Far we have come

Last year, 2022, we completed seventy-nine projects, including site surveys, manufacturing works, foundations transportation, installation and, in many cases, groundworks and utility installation, with a turnover just short of £8M.

We field around one thousand enquiries annually and manufacture over two hundred individual modules yearly, at the rate of 4/5 a week. As a team, whilst a few projects have been challenging, we have enjoyed working on every single project to date.

Finally, we can’t sign off without a sincere thank you to each and every one of our customers for their continued support. We clearly wouldn’t be here without you, so thank you again, we look forward to working with you all to continue to deliver quality buildings from a firm you can trust.

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