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Published: 24 August 2015 in Help & Advice

Rapid Classroom Extensions

With budget cuts affecting the entirety of the education sector, smart investments need to be taken to show that schools are still committed to providing quality education. Expansion and renewal is at the heart of this, particularly if you are looking to incorporate new technologies and meet new challenges. At Springfield we have some great portable buildings on offer that could solve all of your problems effectively and still leave you room to manoeuvre. Flexible solutions can change the fundamental way your school operates, enabling you to cut the cost of building large, disruptive extensions while also realising a bright and attractive building that can be moved if you desire.

It may well be that you are looking for a science or computer lab, a new library or study area or want a classroom that takes advantage of a different zone within the grounds of the school. Whatever your designs mobile classrooms can satisfy your needs leaving you with funds to fill it with computers and other equipment. Over time you can save for the next modular piece to your growing school which can then each be moved around to yield the best possible design. Each of our classrooms are designed to exacting standards to provide adequate lighting and protection.

Instant Extension

Our classrooms are completely built off site to your specific requirements. We will work with you to ascertain what you want to achieve from this investment and won’t rest until we have fulfilled it. Many traditional extensions can be expensive shots in the dark and only when they are built will you realise the problems in design. We can have your modular classroom ready within a few weeks allowing you to extend during the summer period, Christmas or even Easter breaks. Turnkey packages will be ready for you to use as soon as they are in place, allowing you to tackle lower grades with new facilities in the middle of the school year. Being able to extend rapidly can provide a boost to not only your students but also to your staff, who will see the acquisition as a sign that your school is committed to development.

You will naturally be able to decide the look of the building, choosing from one of our many finishes to ensure that the new building matches your current design scheme. We can also offer wheelchair accessibility and a whole host of other features which can ensure that all students can make use of this new facility.

Take Advantage Of Nature

Having a classroom that is based away from the rest of the school is a great idea. It instantly has that exclusive nature if it is being used by one class at a time, which could improve pupil engagement. We will be able to survey your grounds to choose the best area which could well be in the middle of some woods among nature. This is the perfect area to have a biology lab or project area where pupils can take advantage of the environment to bring their learning to life.

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