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Published: 21 June 2019 in Help & Advice

The Importance Of Modular Buildings In Modern Infrastructure

The population in the UK currently sits at over 65 million people, which is quite a lot as the relatively small island we are. In the next decade however, some researchers predict that this number will increase to over 70 million in the next decade or so. Quite a substantial increase.

And with this rise comes the need for a greater amount of infrastructure to support those who are living across the nation. From school expansions, businesses extensions and even increasing the number of homes, local councils are on an almost constant search for a quality, but also cost-effective solution to this infrastructure issue. Modular construction is a fantastic solution to this problem, and in this blog we will explore how it could be the answer to this national difficulty.

An expansion example: Purfleet Centre Regeneration

To put this into context, we thought it would be useful to consider an example of such infrastructure. One such example is the huge regeneration project which has just been given the green light by the local council in Purfleet, Essex. Outline planning permission was submitted back in December 2017, in application to redevelop the land of river between the Thames and the Channel Tunnel rail link. The proposals have since been approved in April of this year – a site that collectively covers 628,500 square metres.

The purpose of this vast project is to almost completely redevelop the town which sits to the east of London. This will include the construction of 2,800 new homes and a completely new town centre alongside the required social infrastructure to support such an expansion. This includes the construction of two new schools, a health centre, supermarket, local shops, an upgraded railway station and new leisure facilities. Eventually, the redevelopment will breathe new life into the local area which is within commuting distance of central London.

The applications of modular construction

There are a wealth of benefits that off-site techniques could bring to a project such as this, some of which have already been identified. Many of the almost 3,000 houses set to be built will be modular homes which is a fantastic example of how the industry is expanding. Although we do not explicitly construct houses here at Springfield, we do however have a vast amount of experience in producing the other types of infrastructure that this project would require.

Aspects such as schools for example is a sector in which we have work with closely over the several decades we have been in business. Our off-site techniques ensure that school buildings will be manufactured in our ISO-approved workshop, which means that we would only need to spend a couple of days on-site to assemble the building. This will reduce the amount of disruption caused in the expansion of a school; removing the dangerous combination of building sites and pupils.

Our off-site techniques can also be applied to the buildings we produce for the healthcare sector. Many of those in this particular sector are under increasing financial pressures, but in opting for a building which is manufactured off-site, the expansion can come at a significantly reduced cost. Our workshop provides our team with a controlled environment in which we can oversee the closer management of the construction process in addition to not being affected by any adverse weather conditions. This means the buildings are produced at the fraction of the time and the cost.

We also work closely with those in the leisure industry who are in the market to expand their premises. The bespoke service we offer our clients means that we can meet their exact requirements, no matter what they are. Clients are offered the power to customise their designed building from external look to internal features, so your team receives the perfect building.

It is clear therefore, that off-site construction offers a wealth of benefits in supporting our need for more infrastructure across the country. We pride ourselves in the off-site techniques that we use to produce our modular buildings. If you would like to find out more about our modular buildings visit our website or call our team on 01744 851958.

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