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What Key Skills Are Needed to Ensure Excellence in Every Modular Build?

What Key Skills Are Needed to Ensure Excellence in Every Modular Build?

At Springfield, we know that designing, constructing and installing a building of the highest standard is essential for every client to be satisfied with their modular building. Due to this, modular construction workers must be equipped with the ability to seamlessly move between off-site and on-site requirements.

However, it can be difficult for people to access the required training for this trade, as current construction training often doesn’t include the modular construction sector and often modular-specific training is done in-house. Whilst it is brilliant that there is training available, this does mean that there is no ‘standard’ to be met.

As we are an innovative company always looking to develop our skills and offerings, we like to set a great example of how brilliant modular buildings can be.


What Five Skills Must Be Developed to Achieve Excellence in Off-Site Builds?

In order to be a skilled all-rounder within the off-site construction industry, we have put together five skills that we believe are foundational to construction (no pun intended).


1. Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA)

The ability to design digitally is crucial for off-site construction to be able to create 3D and 4D modelling and testing and draw up precise plans to plan, design and predict structure performance.

Digital skills can be obtained in many ways: through a degree, HND or apprenticeship or through on-the-job training. As effective and efficient project delivery is vital, these types of data and information management skills are highly beneficial in a construction role.


2. Time Management, Interpersonal and Numerical Skills

This is a lot of skills clumped together, but with good reason. Each of these skills either comes with instinct or can be learned with ease. Accurately estimating the price and time needed for a project is an essential skill for off-site construction as one of the biggest selling points of a modular build is the speed of off-site construction, meaning estimations need to be as close as possible to the reality of the project time span.


3. Project Management and Logistics Skills

Project management and logistics skills for off-site construction are important and extensive. Planning runs throughout the entire process from creating plans all the way to transportation and installation, combining all on and off-site deliveries, suppliers and timing estimations.

This level of organisation and teamwork as a company will ensure success as all job roles can combine to get things done to the highest standard and to help move decisions forward promptly to stick to proposed time scales.


4. Off-Site Manufacturing

This skill is the most niche skill when it come to modular builds, as they are off-site compared to a traditional on-site construction process. Further, creating entire buildings in one factory to be transported requires high-quality manufacturing processes and skills.

If one component is designed or manufactured incorrectly then the speed, cost and quality of a project installation can be compromised.

Due to this, creating a modular building requires many skills, including but certainly not limited to, machinery operations, welding, joinery, electrical installation and quality testing. Many skilled individuals must work together to a strict schedule, and often at acompany such as Springfield, you will have multi-skilled workers to create even more efficient processes.


5. On-Site Assembly

Assembling a finished masterpiece that is a modular building requires patience, quality assurance knowledge and problem-solving abilities.


How Do Springfield Provide Excellence?

The entire process from your first interaction with us through to assembling your modular building will be bespoke to your requirements, ensured by our skilled team.

Take a look at our case studies and social media pages for project updates, exemplar modular buildings and current recruitment opportunities for our brilliant team! We would love to hear from you - if you have any queries or would like more information, contact our friendly team on 01744 851958.

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