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Published: 3 January 2020 in Help & Advice

The Top 3 Health and Safety Benefits of Modular Construction

Health and safety on any construction site are crucial when it comes to staff and visitors, but often it is overlooked. As a whole, there have been improvements in the construction industry, but there is still a high percentage of fatal and major injuries. However, within the modular construction industry, enhanced health and safety are recognised as efficient and ever-evolving.

What Are The Main Health and Safety Benefits of Modular Construction?

There are three main benefits of off-site modular construction when it comes to health and safety, in comparison to on-site traditional builds.

1. Waste Reduction

Throughout modular building construction, materials are used more efficiently and accurately due to the nature of the build. As modular buildings are built to comply with many standards in terms of sustainability, resources are used more efficiently and this leads to a reduction in energy consumption and operational costs.

On average, 67% less energy is needed to produce a modular building and up to as much as 50% less time is spent onsite in comparison to traditional building methods, meaning a safer build. Due to this, there are up to 90% fewer vehicle movements around the project, which reduces CO2 emissions greatly. This is both a health and a safety improvement, with the environmental impact of the building itself and the construction process’ impact in mind.

Adding to this, the impact on the local environment is also reduced through modular construction, as there is less noise, a reduction in the amount of packaging used and an overall reduction in emissions. These matters will have been addressed and resolved within the factory, which allows for greater efficiencies in environmental control measures and materials.

2. Buildings Are Manufactured in a Quality-Controlled Environment

Construction on traditional building sites poses multiple health and safety hazards to workers, such as equipment accidents or falls from height. However, as modular buildings are manufactured off-site using specialist machinery in a quality-controlled factory environment, risks can be easily managed in one setting, meaning enhanced health and safety on one site.

Also, as modular buildings are built on this one, safer site, and then delivered to the site pre-fitted with electrics, plumbing, heating, doors and windows and sometimes fixtures and fittings, the time on site is reduced. This means a quicker and safer process on the final construction site with higher levels of quality control.

3. Safer Working Conditions

Off-site, factory-based modular construction can provide safer working conditions as safety requirements are more easily met and policed.

This results in a reduction in slips, trips and falls, particularly as work at height is reduced and there is a reduction in onsite activity. Moreover, work is often affected by the weather causing delays on-site and causing further exposure to hazards for workers and visitors, meaning an off-site modular construction process has a quicker turnaround and reduces the chances of employees being delayed or injured due to weather conditions that cannot be changed.

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