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Published: 29 June 2018 in Help & Advice

Modular buildings you can trust

Deciding to invest in extra space for your business is a big decision. Not only do you want to ensure the design is right, but you want to ensure that the contractor you’re working closely with is the right fit too. You need to keep a close eye on budget and time scale and you need the investment to last.

Whilst we can talk until the cows come home about our experience, knowledge and passion for this industry, we thought it might be better to let our testimonials do the talking for us!

Expect a quality service

One thing that comes up time and time again is the quality of the service we provide.

Springfield provided a good service, the deadlines were met and the staff were all friendly and easy to deal with. We are using them again. 

– Paul Harris, UK

The service we received from Springfield mobile was brilliant. We have used them before and again had no problems. The installation of our unit was perfect.  

– Dean Chorley, Blackpool

We’re open and honest with what we can provide

Our modular buildings are manufactured by us and delivered to your site by us. This lack of middle man allows us to be open and honest with exactly what we can provide, and that means you can pop in for a ‘behind the scenes’ tour to check up on the progress of your build, or to see what we can offer by looking at real life examples that we’re currently in the process of building.

This means that not only are we hands on with the modular buildings themselves, but it allows us to be completely hands on with each and every client. We feel like the below testimonial illustrates this well!

Springfield were very good from start to finish and we were very happy with them. The staff made us feel very welcome when we went to look around and nothing was too much trouble. We are looking at another project at the moment and we would definitely use them again!

– Jane Shepherd, Preston

We’ve got the office space we needed, our costs have been controlled and Springfield has exceeded our expectations. I’d have no hesitation in recommending their services. 

– Chris Jones, ALFA Engineering

Our modular buildings are designed for a range of industries

We’ve had incredible feedback from people in every sector. From executive head teachers to company directors, and everyone in-between.

Creating the best classrooms and play facilities makes a huge difference to our children and staff and Springfield has given us the best possible platform to take our business to the next level

– Norma Chisnall, Newtown Pre-school & Playgroup

We used Springfield last year for our new branch in Cambridge. We were so happy with the quality and standard of the building that we decided to follow the same design for our new branch in Bolton

– Colin Green, JDP’s National Customer Experience Manager

For more information on how we can help please get in touch with a member of our team. Or, to read more in-depth case studies, you can visit our website!

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