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Published: 9 August 2019 in Help & Advice

Can Modular Buildings Help Expand Your Local Fire Station?

Modular buildings and the off-site methods used to produce them offer a fantastic range of advantages for those searching for a new home for their organisation. Although we typically consider these advantages in the context of traditional businesses or schools, we rarely touch on how they can be applied to public services.

In the instances when we have discussed public services, our blogs have related to healthcare, but are modular buildings useful for any other of these services? Inspired by a recent case study, this blog will explore how off-site construction and modular buildings can benefit those in the fire service; offering a cost-effective solution for expansion.

A modern home for fighting fires

The fire service is arguably the most overlooked of the public services in the UK, in the sense that we will rarely come into contact with them. A recent case study in the industry however demonstrated how the use of modular buildings can be used to aid those in one of the most courageous professions. The example sees the redevelopment of the former Southwark fire station, as part of a wider expansion of the premises to include a mixture of residencies and schools.

The mixed-use development, named Brigade Court, will see the construction of a 10-storey residential building, a new secondary school for the local community and a sports centre. In terms of the fire station, the development will see a complete refurbishment of the Grade II listed building; finishing in a restoration of the original structure and including an additional museum and training facility. Despite the introduction of more residential buildings and educational facilities, we remained inspired to consider the benefits of off-site construction for the fire service.

The applications of modular buildings

Although we don’t produce residential buildings here at Springfield, we can draw on our wealth of experience in producing bespoke school and healthcare buildings when considering the applications of off-site construction for the fire service.

Its benefits remain primarily in the ‘off-site’ of our off-site construction. All of our buildings are produced in our ISO-approved workshop in St Helens by our expert team. That means that they can construct your tailor-made modular units uninhibited by the weather, which drastically increases the time it takes to assemble your build. Therefore, the fire station can continue about their day to day business whilst we get to work. If for example the fire service is constructing a brand-new building, all we would need to do is deliver the building to their site and assemble the final structure in a matter of days. If they intend to extend their current building, this may take a little longer as we will need to work with the existing structure.

Our off-site methods mean that your project will be completed at the fraction of a time, in comparison to opting for traditional construction methods. With this increased speed, comes a decrease in overall cost, for a truly bespoke building as our expert team can focus on the smallest of details in the controlled environment of our workshop. In choosing off-site construction the local fire service can rest safe in the knowledge that they will be provided with a bespoke building, and can focus on their essential work whilst we install their new building with little disruption.

If you would like to find out more about the modular buildings we offer, or you would like to contact a member of our expert team directly, visit our website or call us on 01744 851958.

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