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Published: 10 May 2019 in Help & Advice

Springfield Modular’s Complete Guide To Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated buildings are the foundations upon which off-site construction techniques were built. Their wide-reaching applications for all types of sectors and industries make then a fantastic choice for any organisation on the hunt to expand their premises.

For those who may not be aware of what a prefabricated building is, or may not have a comprehensive understanding of their distinct advantages, we have put together our complete guide to these versatile building types. In this guide you will find out how you can distinguish between a prefabricated building and other building types, in addition to their advantages and how to begin the process of hiring one.

What is a prefabricated building?

Prefabricated buildings are those which are made up of factory manufactured components. Each component is put together in our ISO-approved UK workshop and is then delivered to and assembled on-site. The concept of prefab buildings is taken from the process of prefabrication, which is the assembly of the components of buildings in a location that is not the building site itself.

This method of construction allows our expert team to completely customise your prefabricated building to meet your exact specification.

What are the advantages of a prefabricated building?

As these prefabricated buildings are constructed off-site, our unique workshop allows us to control our building environment. This offers a multitude of benefits for businesses and schools who may be interested in taking advantage of our state-off-the-art off-site techniques.

The primary benefit of opting for a prefabricated building is the speed in which they can be constructed. The controlled environment means we are not affected by any potentially adverse weather conditions, which drastically reduces the time it takes to manufacture them in comparison to utilising traditional methods. With this reduction in speed also comes a stark reduction in overall cost. With over four decades of experience, we have been able to fine-tune our production techniques, ensuring that we are both efficient and effective in the time it takes to complete a build. This also ensures that the cost stays down, especially as we will only be spending a limited time on your building site.

Constructing a prefabricated building in our workshop means that we can also offer our clients an unrivalled level of flexibility in terms of how the building is finished. Many of our clients come to us with very specific requirements and our off-site techniques provide us with the ability to meet them. Primarily, this flexibility is focused on the type of finishes we have on offer. This means we can customise the size, windows, external fascia options to name but a few. You can even add further modules to the buildings at a later date!

The control provided by our internal setting allow our team to not only improve the efficiency of our construction process, but also to improves its eco-friendliness. In our workshop, we can recycle a much larger proportion of the materials we use to ensure our methods are as sustainable as they can be. In terms of assembling the final building, the fewer on-site deliveries we have to make mean that we are on the building site for only a matter of days, reducing the overall emissions we produce during transporting components and assembling them. Even our prefabricated buildings themselves offer efficient energy consumption!

Hiring a prefabricated building

Hiring a prefabricated building is a fantastic investment for any organisation, ensuring that you can spread the cost of your building over a lengthy period. Here at Springfield we specialise in the bespoke customisation we offer our clients, and this extends to hiring a building as well.

Our clients can select from a building in our hiring fleet, or discuss with our fantastic team whether they can create a new, bespoke prefabricated building. We then offer our clients two types of contracts: client-based, for which the client decides on a contract period between three months and five years; and an open-ended contract, for which there is no fixed contract length.

Our hiring option goes hand in hand with the unrivalled advantages of prefabricated buildings. If you would like to find out more about prefabricated buildings, or our bespoke hiring process visit our website or call our remarkable team on 01744 851958

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