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Published: 3 January 2023 in Help & Advice

Choosing Your Modular Building

The growing popularity of modular constructions can be explained by the major improvement seen in recent years in design, materials and advanced construction methods. Modular buildings are now a genuine option for almost any purpose and for many projects they have increasingly become an obvious choice.  

However, it is also crucial to ensure you work with a manufacturer that embraces all the above improvements and has a reputation for continuous progress in pursuit of excellence and value for money, we believe Springfield would feature high on any list of the best of the best in this regard, but we’ll let you be the judge of that! 

We’d love the opportunity to discuss your modular project but whoever you favour can we suggest the following tips that will help lead you to a competent & reliable supplier. 


Look for an experienced provider, check their website for case studies that match what you would like to achieve. Note whether the provider has experience in your sector, and is used to dealing with challenging builds and solving sector-specific problems.

Review Springfield’s Case Studies 

Plan a Visit 

Visit an existing building manufactured by your potential provider or visit them at their factory. Springfield has buildings all across the UK, so you can be sure there is one to check out on your doorstep. We also have an open-door policy allowing our clients to visit us at any time with no prior appointment. You are welcome to check out our factory, examine our workmanship and talk to our expert craftsmen directly, they may just give you a few ideas to get the very best out of your building. 

Consider the Requirements 

What is the space going to be used for? Does it require specialist equipment such as child safety features, or maybe a classroom for SEN needs and what about catering for disability functionality and access? Will you need the space to be adaptable for different activities with rooms of different sizes created by sliding partitions? Are kitchen facilities required, and if so, just with basic facilities or luxury fittings in a high-class welfare space providing a relaxing rest space?

Perhaps a bright learning space is required with floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights with cutting-edge, high-tech equipment. Anything is possible, with an accommodating supplier open to innovation and new ideas. 

Look for Hidden Costs 

There is a danger that the price quoted will be for a building only, which is OK but actually, just the starting point as there are many other costs involved depending on the complexity of the job, its situation, utilities needed, infrastructure, groundworks etc.

If there are any complications at all it is probably worth sourcing a manufacturer happy to supply all the associated functions by offering a turn-key facility that will provide a total cost to manage the job from start to finish and take care of all the additional work and provide a complete package price with no surprises.  


Sustainability has become a major factor in modern construction and environmental credibility and sustainability should be a prime focus for any supplier to be considered suitable for your project.

Here at Springfield, we have always been environmentally aware and conscious of our impact on our environment. This is reflected throughout our organisation and affects every decision we make and has done for many years.

Full details can be found here: 

Springfield’s Sustainability and Environmental Commitments 

Running Costs 

Modular buildings meet all current traditional building requirements, are built using energy-efficient materials, and are compliance tested before installation, ensuring high standards. These high standards can be enhanced further using whatever specialised equipment you consider suitable or is available to further improve your building and environmental credibility.

Solar panels, sophisticated double glazing, water and energy-efficient appliances – if it is available, we can fit it for you but frankly, the current standards really are very high in the first place.


If you get a tick in all of the features above, you can be pretty sure you have found a suitable manufacturer for your building, we are more than sure we’ll be on that list too and would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. 

If you would like to know more about the benefits of modular buildings and find out how Springfield Mobile can help you, contact us online or call 01744 851 958. 

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